Injured On A SBS Bus – How To File A Medical Claim?

File A Medical Claim for Bus Injury

What should you do if you suffered an injury on a SBS Transit bus in Singapore and wish to file a medical claim with the bus company? The following is what I’ve gathered based on first-hand experience with helping someone through the whole process.

  • Visit the nearest Bus Interchange
  • Request to file an “INCIDENT FEEDBACK FORM
  • On the form, indicate YES for “Any injury suffered?”
  • On the form, indicate YES for “Would you like to receive a reply on your feedback”
  • Request a photocopy of the form
  • Once the investigations are fully completed, a SBS Transit representative will contact you
  • Submit your medical claims with photocopy of all supporting documents to them at:SBS Transit Ltd.
    205 Braddell Road
    Singapore 579701
    Attention : The Officer-In-Charge
    Group Claims Unit.

Note: All claims will be considered only after investigations are fully completed. Accordingly, your request will be considered based on the merits of the case.

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Written by Patrick Tan

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