StarHub Recontract Voucher – How To Get Yours?

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In general, StarHub lets you recontract your mobile phone package 3 months prior to the end of your contract. But it appears to me that a StarHub recontract voucher will only be presented to you AUTOMATICALLY (via SMS) if your mobile phone bills hit a certain amount.

So how do you get yours if you a basic user who doesn’t spend beyond the monthly subscription fee and no recontract voucher is given to you?

How Do I Know That The Voucher Is Not Given To Me?

About 3 months prior to the end of your mobile phone contract, you should receive a SMS (see following example) from StarHub encouraging you to renew your contract.

If the SMS doesn’t include the value of your recontract voucher, you can assume that it is not given to you automatically.

Dear Valued Customer, it’s time to renew your mobile phone package. Check out our latest phone offers at any StarHub shop or Exclusive Partner outlet today! To Unsub from SMS, reply Unsub

How Much Is The Recontract Voucher Worth?

I managed to secure a S$100 recontract voucher for a basic account that barely exceeds its monthly subscription fee.

So How Do I Get Mine (After Receiving The SMS)?

  • Simply call StarHub at 1633 and request to speak to a customer care consultant
  • Tell the consultant that you have received a SMS stating that you can renew your mobile phone contract and you will like to find out the value of your recontract voucher
  • The consultant shall inform you that a relationship manager will get in touch with you within 5 working days on the value of your voucher

That’s all! It’s just about 15 minutes of my time in exchange for an extra S$100 off my new mobile phone.

Hope this information will help you achieve the same or more!

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