The Battle Against Illegal 4D Toto: A Tale of Unexplained Wealth & Crime

Unexplained Weath Confiscated
  • 51-year-old Gan Chin Huat arrested for illegal 4D Toto activities
  • Sentenced to 26 months in prison and fined S$160,000
  • Unexplained wealth of S$110,332.67 confiscated by the High Court

When the law catches up to criminals, they must pay the price.

In this tale of unexplained wealth and illegal 4D Toto activities, learn how a Singaporean man found himself in deep trouble with the law, eventually losing his ill-gotten gains.

A Sinister Scheme Uncovered

Gan Chin Huat, a 51-year-old Singaporean man, was arrested with nine others in a CID operation against a remote gambling syndicate.

Gan was found to be the mastermind behind the creation and issuance of online betting accounts for six co-offenders on various illegal websites, facilitating lottery, soccer, and horse betting.

Gan was given a 26-month prison sentence and a fine of S$160,000 on 12 July 2018 for running a Singapore-based remote gambling service and taking illegal 4D and TOTO bets.

This was done in violation of the Remote Gambling Act of 2014.

The Price of Crime: Confiscation of Unexplained Wealth

Following his conviction, the Police sought a confiscation order against Gan to forfeit the benefits derived from his criminal conduct.

Through thorough financial investigations, they found that Gan had accumulated unexplained wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income.

The High Court ordered the recovery of approximately S$110,332.67 on 13 March 2023.

As stated under Section 7(1) of the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act 1992, anyone convicted of a serious offence may have their benefits from criminal conduct confiscated.

Actionable and Practical Takeaways

  • Stay informed about the laws surrounding gambling and betting in Singapore
  • Report any suspicious activities related to illegal gambling to the authorities
  • Remember that crime doesn’t pay and will eventually catch up with you

In the end, Gan Chin Huat learned the hard way that crime doesn’t pay.

The law ultimately confiscated his unexplained wealth, accumulated through illegal 4D Toto activities.

It’s a strong reminder that those who engage in unlawful activities will eventually face the consequences.

Have you encountered any suspicious activities related to illegal gambling?

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