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AI Invasion: Will Singapore’s Jobs Vanish? Minister Says No

AI taking over our jobs?
AI taking over our jobs?
  • AI changing the job landscape in Singapore
  • Minister Chan Chun Sing’s views on jobs after AI
  • Essential skills for the future workforce

Today, let’s talk about a big question: Will there still be jobs after Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over?

Good news from a recent SMU Employability Symposium on 6 April 2023, where Minister Chan Chun Sing shared his thoughts on AI and jobs.

AI and Jobs: What’s the Future?

Minister Chan Chun Sing believes that there will still be jobs in the future.

But they will be different from what we have now.

As AI takes over manual and repetitive tasks, more jobs will need people with creativity, empathy, and good judgement.

Skills to Succeed in an AI-Enabled World

What skills do we need to do these jobs?

Minister Chan shared four important qualities:

  • Never stop learning and creating new things.
  • Ability to see what’s important and make good decisions.
  • Work together with people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Combine technology with high-touch personal services.

Minister Chan said, “Our people must travel widely—physically or virtually, to deeply understand our potential partners and their diverse fears, concerns, and aspirations.”

Preparing for the Future

To prepare us for this AI-enabled future, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will focus on developing these qualities in our people.

They will put money into lifelong learning.

Teach discipline and skills for finding and judging.

And encourage people from different fields and cultures to work together.

Actionable and Practical Takeaways

  • Stay curious and open to learning new things.
  • Practice discovering, distilling, and discerning information.
  • Collaborate with others from different backgrounds and cultures.

The future of work in Singapore will change because of AI.

But it doesn’t mean there won’t be any jobs.

We just need the right skills to succeed in this new world.

Stay curious, collaborate, and prepare for the future!

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Written by Patrick Tan

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