APPSNO Address: How Singapore Tackles New World Disorder?

Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers APPSNO
  • Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers (APPSNO) returns after 4 years.
  • We need to reframe resilience for a troubled world.
  • We must build relationships, support multilateralism, and stay united in Singapore.

Here’s a simple version based on the Transcript of Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and National Development Sim Ann’s Opening Address for the 14th Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers (APPSNO).

The 14th Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers (APPSNO) just happened lah!

Senior Minister Sim Ann gave an opening speech, and it was quite power.

Let’s talk about what she said, okay?

Reframing Resilience in a Troubled World

Wah lao eh, the world is so messy now.

Minister Sim Ann say we need to reframe resilience.

This means not just bounce back from bad times.

But also stay strong together and make friends with many countries.

Like that we can help each other and face problems together lor.

Investing in Relationships and Partnerships

1st, we must make friends with as many countries as possible.

This way, we can work together and help one another.

Minister Sim Ann say our closest friends are our neighbours, like Malaysia and Indonesia.

We also work with other countries—Chile, the Republic of Korea, NZ, and the UK—on new things like the digital economy & sustainability.

Future-proofing Multilateralism

2nd, we need to support the multilateral system.

This is like a set of rules that all countries follow so everyone gets a fair chance.

But now, some countries want to do their own thing.

Singapore still believes in working together, so we help shape global rules and ensure they are current.

Building Unity at Home

3rd, we must stay united as a country.

If the outside world got into trouble, our society at home also might kena.

So, we must stay together and understand what our government is trying to do.

This way, we can face challenges and continue to grow.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Support multilateralism & international cooperation
  • Stay informed about global issues and their impact on Singapore
  • Strengthen unity and cohesion within our society

In conclusion, Senior Minister Sim Ann’s speech at APPSNO was quite something.

We learn that to survive in this messy world, we need to:

  • build strong relationships;
  • support the multilateral system; and
  • stay united at home.

Eh, what you think? You agree or not? Share your thoughts leh!

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