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GreenTech Challenge: Singapore’s Way to a Green Future

GreenTech Challenge
GreenTech Challenge
  • Microsoft, IMDA and SGTech’s GreenTech Challenge 2023
  • Accelerating sustainability solutions for a greener Singapore
  • Win up to USD$350,000 in benefits per challenge (submit by 28 Apr 2023)

Well, something big is happening in Singapore now.

This GreenTech Challenge thing is going to change how we see our world.

The GreenTech Challenge: Our Future Starts Here

So, Microsoft, IMDA, and SGTech, all come together and create this GreenTech Challenge 2023.

They want to help Singapore get to net zero by 2050. That’s cool right?

Fighting for the Planet, One Solution at a Time

They focus on three areas to help businesses save the planet: setting sustainability targets, finding renewable energy sources, and creating tradeable carbon assets.

All the smart people out there can join and help, you know?

Actionable and Practical Takeaways

  • Learn more about the GreenTech Challenge
  • Think of how you can contribute to a sustainable future
  • Spread the word to those around you

So, this GreenTech Challenge will help Singapore get greener and cleaner.

We’ve got to do our part, okay?

Remember, Ms Lee Hui Li from Microsoft said, “We look forward to identifying new sustainable solutions and putting them into action at scale as we build a resilient, sustainable and digitally inclusive Singapore.” We’re all in this together!

Do you think Singapore got what it takes to lead the green charge? Leave your thoughts below, can you?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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