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Can Studio 30 50 Really Save the Maritime Industry? Find Out How!

Sustainable Maritime Industry
Sustainable Maritime Industry
  • Studio 30 50 launches with 5 partners
  • Focused on ESG topics for a sustainable maritime industry
  • Applications open in April 2023. The 1st batch will start in June

Something exciting is happening on our sunny island of Singapore.

It’s the launch of Studio 30 50 – a brand new maritime digital venture studio.

What’s Studio 30 50?

Studio 30 50 is a unique partnership between 5 parties.

They are DNV, Hafnia, IMC Ventures, Microsoft, and Wilhelmsen.

Their goal is to help the maritime industry reduce emissions, and become more sustainable by 2030.

And hopefully, reach net zero by 2050.

Why is Studio 30 50 important?

Our maritime industry needs a change.

Studio 30 50 aims to find creative ideas to remake the industry.

To make it more eco-friendly and efficient.

As Shanker Pillai, Head of Innovation and Change at Hafnia, says, “urgent need for a collective approach to address change.”

So we need to work together.

How does it work?

They want startups and founders to join and bring their ideas to life.

You got help from Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, mentorship, etc.

That’s power-packed, right?

Actionable and Practical Takeaways

  • Keep an eye on Studio 30 50 for updates and news
  • Consider joining the venture if you have innovative maritime ideas
  • Spread the word about this exciting opportunity

That’s the scoop on Studio 30 50.

It’s like the Avengers of maritime digital ventures, coming together to save the day and create a better maritime industry for Singapore and the world.

Ok, let’s hope they succeed!

What do you think about Studio 30 50? Have you got any ideas for improving the maritime industry? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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