Catch Blumiwave & More at the Singapore Light Festival 2023!

Artist Impression of Singapore Light Festival 2023
Artist Impression of Singapore Light Festival 2023
  • i Light Singapore happening from 1st to 25th June 2023, like turn Marina Bay into some kind of art playground, all about technology and sustainability.
  • This year got 22 artists from eight different countries, all bring their different style, but all follow the theme of A New Wave.
  • Besides all the stunning light art, there’s also food, music and other kind of fun at the Festival Village.

Hey, what’s up?

Did you know that Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) just announced some big news?

They say i Light Singapore is back, bro, and it’s going to be lit from 1st to 25th June 2023!

A Playground of Light

So, imagine this, lah.

Marina Bay is going to turn into an epic light playground, filled with 14 captivating light art installations.

These pieces are all about the blend of art, technology, and sustainability.

One minute you see crashing waves made from salvaged scaffolding, the next, your own sea creatures coming to life on a big screen.

Wah lau eh, got something for everyone leh.

Notable Installations

  • Blumiwave by DP Design, use salvaged construction materials to make wave sculptures, show the power of blue energy.
  • the things left unsaid by Brigette Teo from NTU, she make light-up sheets from recycled plastic bags, inspire by the weird bioluminescent algal bloom.
  • Aquatics by Philipp Artus from Berlin, where people can create their own sea creatures on a tablet and then see them in an animation. Very nice, make people remember must protect our oceans and sea life.
  • Tree Man by ENESS, Aussie studio, where light sculptures encircle a sapling and change colours. Symbolise human balance between nature and tech, also use energy-saving LED lights and everything is put into one unit to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Moooooootion by Thai studio XD49, they use reusable stuff and also can use as a stage for GastroBeats, i Light Singapore’s Festival Village.
  • Glacier Dreams by Refik Anadol, he uses AI to create art from nature photos and space exploration pictures.
  • Prism by Jun Ong, he makes a minimalist light sculpture called Prism.

The Artists Behind the Lights

It’s not just about the lights, dude.

It’s also about the people behind them.

This year’s festival got a diverse bunch of 22 artists from eight countries.

All together, they represent the theme of ‘A New Wave’, playing with the colour blue and sustainable materials.

Eh, remember the blue lights on the beach last year? It’s like that, but more arty, can?

More Than Just Lights

Think this is all? Aiyah, no lah!

Besides all the pretty lights, there’s also GastroBeats at the Festival Village.

Think about it – mouth-watering food, live music, bouncy castles.

Not forgetting the insightful Light Forum and the guided tours.

It’s like a buffet, but instead of food, you’re feasting your senses, you know?

This year’s i Light Singapore gonna be awesome, see you there!

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