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Caught on TikTok: Gate Drama at Mandai Zoo – Watch Now!

Mandai Zoo Gate Drama
Photo via TikTok/paaladin
  • A TikTok video by @paaladin showed a kid’s arm kena hit by a gate at Mandai Zoo.
  • Some netizens worried about the gate; others were more serious.

Aiyo, this TikTok/paladin got one video show gate hit a child’s arm at Singapore’s Mandai Zoo!

But, like, some comments ah, quite funny, leh. People worry about the gate instead!

Haha! Aiyah, so dramatic, lah, this parent! Anyway, let me tell you more…

Mandai Zoo’s Gate Drama Unfolding


#question from @Pavel Semenov I analyzed the situation, I established the cause of the premature closing of the gate. The zookeeper attached a second ticket before the first visitor passed, forcing the gate to go through a close-open cycle. Why is Singapore hiring staff with no basic skills? Yes, I’ve taken into account your previous “get out of Singapore” comments, thanks. I myself am afraid for the safety of children in this country, so I think you are right. But it would be great if the Mandai ZOO took into account the mistake so that the local residents would not suffer, who have nowhere to get off this island. #tiktokSG #Singapore #Zoo #incident #TikTokIndia @mandaiwildlifereserve

♬ They Don’t Care About Us – Michael Jackson

So hor, this parent recorded the jialat moment with an insta 360 camera mounted on the baby stroller.

Zoo staff scanned the second ticket before the first visitor passed the gate.

Then of course the gate had to close open again like siao and hit the child’s arm.

Eh, Singapore, why hire staff who cannot do basic things?

Netizens’ Reaction

The comments, ah, really epic man!

People legit worry about the gate.

Got ask whether the gate needs to go to the hospital?

Or, like, ask if the gate still got a warranty? So funny, lah!

But hor, at least got, some people still stay serious.

Elizabeth ☀️ Says It Already Has Sensor.

This is user named Elizabeth says the gate got a sensor, and once it touches something right, it will stop closing.

So, actually, quite safe!

Maybe people like them should learn to chill.

Relax; life still goes on; no need to be so dramatic, right?

In Conclusion

This issue is quite trivial lah.

In Singapore, random things like this sometimes happen, so remember to keep laughing and smiling, okay?

What do you think ah, bros and sis?

Do you agree that people need to chill, and life goes on?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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  1. Not a phone. The incident was recorded with an insta 360 one x2 panoramic camera mounted on a baby stroller as part of a large VR film about visiting the zoo for my HiddenSingapore YouTube channel. It’s already posted and you can see it.