Desperate for Toilet Rolls: Singapore’s New Crime Wave?

Auntie Caught Stealing Toilet Paper
Photo via TikTok/jimmyho94

Hola what’s up, a news came out from Shin Min Daily News right, talking about this auntie stealing toilet rolls from car repair center.

Auntie In Hot Soup Ah

Ok lah, so the story goes like this: 50-year-old auntie at Leng Kee Toyota car repair center kena caught sneaking away with 4 rolls of toilet paper.

Somebody saw her, and snap a video of it on TikTok.

Auntie, after kena caught, say sorry a lot lot, say her mental state not so steady.

The dude who took the video also asked her take off her mask and follow him to the car park.

Repair Center Caught Wind

Inchcape Singapore, they own the Borneo Motors repair center, saw this video and umm got abit angry.

They said their staff didn’t approve or take the video, so now they checking who is that sneaky videographer.

But wah lau eh, they all only care about the video, like don’t even bother about why the poor auntie taking toilet paper.

So In The End, Like What?

If want to sum up hor, got auntie stealing toilet paper, got TikToker filming her, and then got Borneo Motors getting defensive about the whole thing.

But like, umm, maybe can rethink: what got auntie so desperate for toilet paper?

What our society come to until toilet rolls now considered as treasure ah?

Takeaways, Can Takeaway Or Not?

  • If people steal toilet rolls, better find out why lah, maybe they very desperate leh, dunno?
  • Viral videos can create a lot of headache for everybody, so be careful with what you share and see hor.
  • Companies must remember to handle such situations professionally, but also need to have a heart lah, cuz people got feelings too wat.

So what you all think?

Are we going to start a toilet paper stealing trend in Singapore, like those supermarket fights in other countries ah?

Share your thoughts and drop a comment below!

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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