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Is El Nino Bringing More Heat & Haze to Singapore? What You Should Know

Will El Nino bring heatwave and haze to Singapore?
Will El Nino bring heatwave and haze to Singapore?
  • Singapore got El Nino problem.
  • Got less rain and more hot.
  • Haze situation maybe come again.

Ah, so El Nino is this weather pattern that causes a lot of changes in weather all around the world, including hot and dry weather in our tiny island, Singapore.

It happens when water temperature in the Pacific Ocean is higher than usual.

And this event is going to happen in the second half of the year (June to October 2023), confirm plus chop.

Dry Season & More Haze For Us

Rain is going to be a luxury in Singapore.

Like your friend who is like a rich man’s son getting even richer.

Met Service say during this El Nino thing, the rainfall up to 45% lower than normal from June to September.

Wah, that’s a lot sia. And with the dry period, got possibility of haze problem.

Haze sometimes comes from nearby countries, where people burn land to clear it.

Smoke fly over Singapore, then we all suffer, you know?

What’s The Impact On My Bak Kwa?

So, if you are that blur person thinking how this El Nino nonsense will kacau your life, let me explain.

We got less rain, and with that, the weather becomes even hotter.

And then, people around us like Indonesia might burn their forest and we’ll kena bad air, like the haze…

Why Am I Even Bothering With This?

Um, well, it’s important you know what’s going on with the weather lah, ok?

We all living on this island together, we need to be aware of El Nino’s effect on our weather.

So Minister Grace Fu advises to be prepared with N95 masks and all, just in case haze decide to pay us a visit.

So next time you see the haze outside your HDB window, you can blame it on El Nino lah.

Now, I still got other people to entertain, so don’t ask me any more questions ah, can?

But before I go, please remember to:

  • Stay alert of El Nino weather patterns.
  • Prepare and stock up N95 masks.
  • Stay cool, I know Singapore is hot already, but try not to cause more heat lah.

Now that I’ve shared with you this information, can you tell me how you’re gonna prepare for El Nino and haze ah?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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