Man Claims Exploitation by Masseuse, Herbal Tea in Question?

Herbal Tea's Fault?
Herbal Tea's Fault?
  • Some old uncle claim massage girl from Vietnam charm him into lending money and giving gifts.
  • Uncle say after drinking her ‘charm tea’, become blur and give gifts often.
  • Girl suddenly cold-shoulder uncle end of April. Uncle feel cheated, report police.
  • Uncle want back $1500.

The “charm” of a massage, a tale from the Shin Min Daily News that tell us about one old uncle who claimed that a massage girl from Vietnam bewitched him into lending her money and giving gifts.

Sounds like some kind of movie plot, right? But no leh, this one is real life story, bro.

The Uncle’s Tale

This uncle, Mr. Lee, a security guard, started to get to know the massage girl when he went to a massage parlour near his Ang Mo Kio home for his back pain.

He say the girl just came from Vietnam to work in Singapore last October.

The girl claimed her kid was sick, and uncle felt pity for her.

But here’s the twist, uncle claim after drinking her ‘charm tea’, he became blur and started giving gifts often.

Wah lau eh, like some voodoo magic story siah!

The Gifts and The Loan

Uncle say he bought a gold ring and a pair of earrings for the girl.

He also gave her a blessed bracelet that he had worn for close to 20 years.

Walao, uncle very generous hor?

But suddenly, at the end of April, the girl turned very cold towards him, even refused to serve him.

Uncle felt cheated, and reported to the police.

Now, he only wants back $1500. Aiyo, uncle must be feeling so heart pain now.

The Girl’s Defence

Now, the girl’s side of the story ah, she say she didn’t ask for the gifts.

She claimed that it was the uncle who insisted on giving her.

And the Vietnamese tea she gave him?

She said it was just normal herbal tea that could help with back pain.

Aiyah, now who to believe, bro?

The End of Their Relationship

So, the girl was scared of uncle’s harassment, even said that he wanted to marry her, so she chose to cut ties.

Uncle now must be feeling like a lost puppy, right?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  1. Be careful when lending money or giving gifts, especially to people you don’t know very well.
  2. If someone offers you something to drink and you don’t know what it is, better not to drink lah.
  3. If you suspect someone is taking advantage of you, report to the authorities.


So, who’s telling the truth? Uncle or the girl?

We might never know lah, but one thing’s for sure: this kind of story can happen to anyone.

So, remember the takeaways, and don’t be the next uncle.

What do you think of this story? Ever kena this kind of situation before or not?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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