Navigating Divorce in SG: Initiatives & Resources You Need to Know

Divorce in Singapore - Initiatives & Resources
Divorce in Singapore - Initiatives & Resources
  • MSF is committed to build strong families and marriages.
  • Family Assist portal to help families with financial info during divorce.
  • Co-Parenting Programme (CPP) already includes modules on housing and finances.

Hello lah, so you wanna know more about initiatives & resources when/before divorce happens issit?

Got you, dude. Let’s see what they’ve been talking about in the parliament?

Ok, let’s dive in, y’all!

Help for Families Facing Divorce

Ms Sun Xueling, our Minister of State for Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) ah, she recently talked about how they’re making sure families get proper help when dealing with divorce.

Our SSO officers will assess the applicants’ circumstances and needs holistically, and assist them accordingly.

Financial Counselling in the Co-Parenting Programme

You know Co-Parenting Programme, right?

Couples with minor children kena go through this before they can divorce.

Aiyoh, so stress! But good news, lah!

They already cover how to deal with housing and managing finances in the programme.

HDB Options for Divorcees

Wah, more help is coming!

Soon got new tool at Family Assist portal to help citizens understand their HDB options after divorce.

This one big help, sia.

You know housing stress in SG, right?

Maintenance Enforcement Process

Umm, so, about those Maintenance Enforcement Officers (MEO) ah, they’re trying to streamline data-sharing between Maintenance Enforcement Process and Social Service Offices.

Why? To help those who really need financial assistance, lah!

Empowering Single Parents and Divorcees

Hey, don’t think they only focus on couples hor. Single parents and divorcees also well taken care of.

They work with NTUC’s Women and Family Unit to help single or divorced parents to get back on track.

Updated Portal for Single Parents

Wah lau eh, also got HCSA’s portal called SPIN which stands for Single Parents, Informed, Involved, Included.

Make sure all the single parents can understand better about childcare and housing, very helpful lah!

Dealing With Agreements on Child’s Education and Housing

Ms Sun Xueling also mentioned that parents should work out child’s education and housing arrangements by themselves –

It is for this reason that we have made it mandatory for all divorcing couples with minor children to go through the Co-Parenting Programme.

Can Husbands Apply for Maintenance?

Got people ask this leh.

In 2016, they allowed men to apply for maintenance if they were (a) incapacitated before or during the course of the marriage, (b) are unable to earn a livelihood, and (c) are unable to support themselves.

MSF will continue to study this issue.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • If you and your spouse kena go through divorce, remember to check the Family Assist portal for financial and housing info!
  • Attend the Co-Parenting Programme to understand more about arrangements for your children after divorce.
  • Single parents can explore SPIN portal by HCSA for relevant resources and support.

Ok lah, now we got a better understanding of how Singapore is really helping its citizens to cope with issues during a divorce.

Hey, don’t be shy ah – what do you think of these initiatives?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, can or not?!

Source: Closing Speech by Ms Sun Xueling, Minister of State for Ministry of Social and Family Development and Ministry of Home Affairs Family Justice Reform Bill Second Reading 8 May.

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