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Can Neste’s Expansion Make Singapore the ‘Green’ Olympics Champion?

Artist Impression of Neste Expansion Opening Ceremony in Singapore
Artist Impression of Neste Expansion Opening Ceremony in Singapore
  • Neste Expansion Singapore leads to greener Energy & Chemicals sector
  • Ceremony held on 17 May 2023 marks the expansion of Neste’s refinery
  • Sustainable Jurong Island strategy plays key role in Singapore Green Plan

Wah lau eh, Neste Expansion Singapore project just happened, bro!

On 17 May 2023, they held one big ceremony.

This one ah, is solid progress for Singapore to get greener Energy & Chemicals sector, okay?

So let’s talk more about this one.

Neste Refinery Expansion

Neste, hor, they like best buddy with Singapore.

They opened their refinery in 2010, not caring about what other people doing.

They cool, you know? Now, Neste got eco-friendly products like biofuels, and waste recycled plastics.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong say climate change big problem, like playing soccer with no ball, aiyah!

“We are determined to do our part to address this global challenge.” Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Trade and Industry, he say one. Abit serious, lah, bro!

Go Green with Singapore Green Plan

Okay, Singapore got this thing called Singapore Green Plan.

It’s like the blueprint of going eco-friendly, lah.

Part of this big plan is the Sustainable Jurong Island strategy, to transform the island into a green Energy & Chemicals Park.

But we need help from companies like Neste, who’s already doing good work.

How Neste Good For Singapore

Aiyoh, Singapore got so many good things because of Neste.

They bring innovation and growth here.

With the expansion of the refinery, they invest more than S$2 billion.

This new facility, hor, will boost their global renewable production capacity.

You know what else? It will create good jobs too!

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Neste, they very good in making sustainable aviation fuel, you know?

Singapore, with Neste’s help, going to become largest sustainable aviation fuel producer in the world!

It’s like we get the gold medal in green Olympics, alamak!

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Support green companies like Neste.
  • Embrace more sustainable solutions for our lives in Singapore.
  • Encourage others to take part in saving the environment.

If we not act smart, the world will become like one big roti prata with no curry.

Neste Expansion in Singapore, is one good step to keep our island green and clean.

We must learn from them and work together, like one big happy family, ok?

What you think of this Neste expansion? Tell me your thoughts lah, don’t be shy!

Source: Speech By Minister For Trade And Industry Gan Kim Yong At The Occasion Of Neste Expansion Opening Ceremony On 17 May 2023.

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