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Ngee Ann Poly Students to Benefit from Game-Changing AWS Collaboration!

Amazon AWS and Ngee Ann Poly Collaboration
Amazon AWS and Ngee Ann Poly Collaboration
  • Ngee Ann Poly (NP) partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) from 2023 – 2025.
  • AWS Training and Certification programs for NP’s InfoComm Technology (ICT) students.
  • One-year internship program with AWS for final-year ICT students.

NP collaborating with AWS to give their ICT students better cloud computing skills, plus offering internships, man.

This news de pretty exciting for the future cloud professionals in Singapore, you know?

So let’s dig deeper!

New Cloud Computing Specialisation & Internships

NP not just playing around, k?

They gonna go full force by launching a new cloud computing specialisation and giving students from Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics, and Diploma in Data Science those sweet, sweet skills.

Like, imagine learning to juggle, then suddenly you’re juggling flaming swords, right?

And the best part, got 180 ICT students who can pursue foundational and associate-level industry certifications through AWS Academy.

Boosting the Talent Pool

So all these NP students learning the ropes with AWS, like a baby otter learning to swim with the help of a professional otter.

And with the one-year internship program available for all final-year ICT students, these little otters will be swimming like champs.

I mean, it’s kinda like a lightbulb moment for them lah, where they can finally go “Eureka!” and feel empowered as future cloud professionals.

Getting Them Recognised

Aiyo, exams, certificates, and all… We all been there, right?

But you know what’s better? Actually getting recognised by employers who go “Oh snap, this person’s got skills!”

So these digital certification and training programs, it’s like a big golden ticket to proving you got the goods to be Singapore’s new cloud talent.

NP & AWS doing something really important lah.

Industry Demands in the Cloud Era

Now, the adults always say, “Aiyah, study hard, get a good job…”

But bro, sis, that ain’t just about hitting the books.

NP showing that having a solid connection with the big dogs like AWS can help groom them students to be ready for the real working world.

And that’s how you stay competitive in today’s fast-paced tech scene, right?

Singapore’s Cloud Talent Pipeline Pumping Strong

Ahem, a quote time, from Mr Patrice Choong, NP’s Senior Director for Technology, Innovation & Enterprise and Director of the School of InfoComm Technology, “NP’s collaboration with AWS to launch the cloud computing specialisation is yet another curriculum offering that will hone industry-validated competencies and nurture a competitive local talent pipeline, strengthening Singapore’s position as a leading tech hub.”

Like… they gonna make S’pore the next big cloud paradise, bro!

Takeaways to Power Up

  • Reach for them AWS certifications, k?
  • NP students, go try for that internship!
  • Keep an eye on the Singapore’s cloud tech landscape, we’re on the rise.

So like, what you think about all these rad opportunities and the future of cloud computing scene in Singapore?

Sound off below, lah! Don’t be shy, we all friends here.

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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