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Singapore Airlines Profits Soar, But What About the Food?

Photo Credit: TikTok/justfloatingskx
Photo Credit: TikTok/justfloatingskx
  • Singapore Airlines kena criticised for their breakfast offering. One passenger was expecting more from their long-haul flight breakfast.
  • Some passengers are defending the airline, saying they had good experiences. But many others also complain about the food, comparing it unfavourably to other food options in Singapore.
  • This issue seems to be sparking a bigger discussion about company profits and cost-cutting measures.

The Bread and Butter of the Issue

Wah lau eh, so here’s the rundown: our sis @justfloatingskx got herself on a flight from Dubai to Singapore, and she’s not happy with the breakfast served on board.

“Just a bread wrapped in plastic,” she said.

That’s like getting a durian when you’re expecting a Michelin-star meal, quite a let-down, hor?


Singapore Airlines standard really has dropped. Btw this was a long flight from Dubai #singaporeairlines #travel

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Mixed Responses

What do the other passengers say, leh?

Some say they also had bad experiences with the food.

“Their standards dropped but bonuses be skying,” said one.

But got others who said their food was good.

This one like a game of chapteh, got some ups, got some downs.

But eh, not everyone agree with @justfloatingskx, hor?

Got this guy say “continental breakfast” is really like that one.

And some others ask her to fly with other airlines if not happy.

Wah, really getting heated, this one!

A Profitable Discussion?

And then, got this discussion about company profits and cost-cutting.

Some people think that the airline is trying to save money on food so they can give big bonuses.

“How else to afford 8 month bonus,” someone commented.

But others think that all airlines are like this, and it’s not just about Singapore Airlines.

Like trying to catch a fish in Marina Bay, got so many possibilities but you never know which one is the right one.

This whole thing is like a bowl of laksa, got so many different ingredients and flavours.

Do you believe @justfloatingskx is right to complain, or is she just making a big fuss over nothing?

What do you think?

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