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Singapore External Trade Declined in April 2023 – Find Out Why?

Singapore External Trade April 2023
Singapore External Trade April 2023
  • NODX (Non-oil domestic exports) declined 9.8% in April 2023, sia.
  • NORX (Non-oil re-exports) dropped 20.6% in April 2023. Aiyoh!
  • Total trade like down also, both exports and imports kena hit.

What the Fish, Singapore Trade Drop Sia

Wah lau eh, recently trade in Singapore jin jialat you know?

The whole world playin’ games, so we kena stuck in this situation lor.

April 2023, right?

NODX (Non-oil domestic exports) down almost 9.8% and NORX (Non-oil re-exports) drop 20.6%!

But wait, why like that? Don’t kan cheong, lah.

I jalan jalan through this article and find you answers okay?

NODX Decline Story

Aiyoh, Electronic and non-electronic NODX declined.

ICs, PCs, disk media products, petrochemicals, and all go down like roller coaster omg.

Top Markets Also Si Bei Bad

Bro, normally our top markets do business very steady one, but now all jialat.

China, Malaysia, Taiwan, all down down.

But wait ah, some good news – NODX to US, EU 27 and South Korea actually go up sial!

NORX, Walau Also Down

Like kena cursed sia, NORX also suffer leh.

No need say lah, both electronics and non-electronics also down. Sad life hor?

But I give you some tips, maybe can help make sense better, majulah together?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Eh, businesses must adapt leh. Find other markets if current one jialat.
  • Focus on useful products or services ah, if got sales like hotcakes, steady lah.
  • Channel the artsy spirit. Try to innovate, who knows strike jackpot?

Conclusion: What to Do Next, Lah?

Ok, so life is never rainbow and sunshine one.

Singapore external trade in a pickle, but life goes on lah.

We’ve been through such things before, sure can one!

Wah, we learn a lot today, hor?

Now, I ask you, my dear readers: what you think will happen to Singapore’s external trade in the future?

Comment below and share your genius ideas!

Source: Enterprise Singapore’s Media Release On 17th May 2023 – Singapore’s External Trade For April 2023.

What do you think?

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