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Singapore: The New Global Brand Hub? INTA 2023 Offers Clues

Artist Impression of Singapore as Brand and Biz Hub
Artist Impression of Singapore as Brand and Biz Hub
  • 8,000 global big shots gathered in Singapore for INTA event.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) filings and brand value keep going up.
  • Local biz with trade marks and patents twice as profitable.

Hello friends, who say Singapore cannot be global brand hub, ah?

Some big time trademark thing just happened here, where all the atas people from all over the world came k-pohing.

You wanna know more? Sit back, relax, and let me tell you all about it.

INTA Conference: A Really Happening Party

So this thing called International Trademark Association (INTA) held their annual global conference in Singapore.

8,000 big shots from around the world all came to eat free food and talk about brand stuff.

Our Minister Edwin Tong also say, “We’re glad INTA and many big brands chose us as hub for business and IP.”

In short, IP is like kiasu-ing your brand and products, so other people cannot copycat you.

Shiok lah, IP Filings Going Up

What’s the mood, ah?

The world also going crazy over IP filings, lah.

Last year, had 18.1 million trademark classes filed, some more 5.5% more than previous year.

Asia is the most happening, accounting for more than two-thirds of filings.

Means we in the right place and right time, bro.

Can Earn More Money or Not?

IPOS did some studies and found that our Singapore companies with strong brands and patents make like double the money, sia.

Got 10% increase in profits compared to those with no registered IP.

And if got both trademarks and patents, the profits two times more!

But don’t get too excited lah, still must work hard, eh?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Register your IP to protect your brand like a kiasu parent
  • See opportunities to grow in our position as a regional leader
  • Engage in events like INTA to k-poh and learn from other big shots

So this INTA event show that Singapore got potential to be global brand hub.

Must jiayou, ah!

Eh, you think this will help more companies step up and use our expertise?

Share your thoughts below!

Source: Global conference spotlights Singapore as brand & business hub.

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