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What You Didn’t Know About Singapore’s Life Expectancy?

Singapore Life Expectancy
Singapore Life Expectancy
  • Life expectancy in Singapore improved over the last decade but declined slightly during 2020-2022 because of COVID-19.
  • Singapore residents’ life expectancy at birth in 2022 was 83.0 years, down from 83.2 years in 2021.
  • Men’s life expectancy at birth in 2022: 80.7 years. Women’s: 85.2 years.

Today we’re gonna discuss Singapore’s life expectancy and how it’s been changing.

Uhm, the life expectancy of Singapore residents went up over the past decade but got affected by COVID.

I mean, no surprise lah, everything also kena affected by COVID, right?

And if you want specifics, ok lah, here’s the rundown:

How Long We Live?

Singapore Life Expectancy - Image Credit: SingStat
Image Credit: SingStat

Singapore residents got a higher life expectancy of 83 years in 2022, but that’s 0.2 years lower than 2021’s figure.

Despite overall improvement, this slight drop is likely because of COVID lah.

We still live a long time, but still, it’s not as steady as we might hope.

Our men’s life expectancy is 80.7 years.

The women are even better – living 85.2 years!

Got people to say it’s because medical advancements improve our health and all, but that’s not all it takes for us to live longer.

What about air quality, diet, and exercise, huh? These are also important!

For Our Future

So with all these in mind, we got to remember that our life expectancy can change at any time.

We must be prepared and learn to enjoy the now.

Don’t always think about the future so much, k?

Wat Can We Do Ah?

Like you and me, people who grow up in Singapore must care for our health so our life expectancy improves.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Eat more healthy lah. Go for balanced meals, don’t always lepak at hawker centres!
  • Do more exercise. No lazing around at home! Go for a jog or hit the gym, lah.
  • Go for regular check-ups. No joke, health is important!

So, y’know, next time you grumble about having to do burpees, remember it’s all for our life expectancy, k?

It’s for Singapore’s sake, also!

Source: Complete Life Tables for Singapore Resident Population, 2021-2022.

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