Woodlands & Tampines Fires: Are Your Bedrooms Safe from Unexpected Flames?

Artist Impression of Fire Incident
Artist Impression of Fire Incident

Aiyo, on 8 May 2023, SCDF had a busy day lah.

Two fire incidents, one in Woodlands and another in Tampines, got people feeling very hot sia.

So here we talk about what happened and how to be prepared, ah.

When and Where Happen Ah?

1. Fire at Blk 303 Woodlands Street 31: Around 2:50 p.m., 4th-floor unit kena bedroom fire.
2. Fire at Blk 147 Tampines Avenue 5: Around 8:10 a.m., 2nd-floor unit also got bedroom fire.

Woodlands Street 31 Incident

Umm, SCDF say room caught fire and occupant’s cat saved by firefighter ahh.

One person sent to hospital for breathlessness, and investigation still ongoing.

Tampines Avenue 5 Incident

Water jet and foam backpacks used to extinguish fire sia.

One person sent to Singapore General Hospital for smoke inhalation.

SCDF will commend public for trying to fight fire, giving quote, “swift action in responding to the emergency.”

Portable air-con in room seem to be the culprit, like overheating phone but more dangerous.

Similarities and Differences Between Both Incidents

1. Both kena fire in bedroom, but different blocks and locations.
2. People sent to different hospitals for treatment.
3. Tampines fire confirmed electrical, Woodlands still investigating, like trying to solve a soapy mystery but without the water.

How These Incidents Affect Residents

Neighbours got scared, of course.

They evacuated and watched firefighters go all “wah lau, fire be gone.”

Also, make them double check their homes to prevent their own fires maybe, like a wise man taking lessons from other people’s mistakes.

The Importance of Public Awareness and Response

SCDF doing well leh. But then, public’s role also important mah.

Like must know when to run, fight or call for help lor.

If see fellow neighbour in trouble, lend a helping hand, like best kaki always got your back.

So Why You Should Care

No one likes fire, except when cooking or BBQ.

Fire destroy house and everything you own, like raging bull rampaging through pottery shop.

Take action, be smart, and keep neighbourhood safe.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Check and maintain electrical appliances to prevent electrical fires, don’t play play.
  • Don’t overload power sockets, step back and rethink life if too many cables.
  • Know where fire extinguishers and hose reels are in your block to save the day.
  • Review and practice fire escape plans with your family hor.

Fire incident response important, and SCDF doing their job means safer homes.

Prepare, maintain, and act fast for emergencies like a fish escaping fisherman’s net.

Got it or not? Can stay safe and help each other leh. So, what have you learn and what will you do now?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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