Aussie Invasion: Singaporeans Get Ready for Tofu Milk Tea Frenzy!

Tofu Bubble Tea - Image via CHAFFIC
Tofu Bubble Tea - Image via CHAFFIC
  1. Aussie brand Chaffic opening the first store here lor.
  2. At Westgate #B1-24A, from 7th to 11th June 2023, many fun stuff to do!
  3. Got more than 40 different tea combos, confirm no greyscale ah!

On a sunny island, there once lived bubble tea enthusiasts around every corner, just like those mynah birds you see yapping in the rain tree.

But suddenly, Aussie brand Chaffic decided to make things sweeter.

The Bell Tolls for Singapore’s Second Central Business District

In between all the kopitiam and heartland malls, Westgate emerges as a shining beacon for the bubble tea tribe.

Chaffic got tofu milk tea eh, wah lau!

Kim Song, their co-founder, so creative, tell us all this about their success in Australia: “We are very excited to open our first overseas store here in Singapore – where bubble tea is a go-to beverage of choice and consumers are open to new concepts and tastes.”

Boleh Tahan New Flavours

Orh hor, over 40 different combos at Chaffic leh.

That’s enough to drink one every day and not repeat for more than a month sia.

It’s like if you kena rain, there’ll still be a rainbow next time don’t worry lah, the sun always shines after the shower.

Chaffic: A Love Letter to Singapore and Southeast Asia

So remember ah, from the 7th to the 11th of June 2023, Chaffic inviting everybody to their Westgate party.

They excited to introduce their tea to us, we excited to taste it mah.

Jennifer Jiang, another co-founder, even says “We benefit from the country’s extensive supply chain network to enter other neighbouring markets, while leaning on her innovative workforce to develop creative blends that will constantly refresh and excite our customers in Singapore and across the region.”

Got chance to win things also during that time leh, so don’t miss out hor.

Takeaway Points from Aunty and Uncle Hemingway

  • Show the love to Aussie brand Chaffic during their big bubble tea sg entrance.
  • Be adventurous and try out their unique, tasty flavours.
  • Your life will never be the same after tasting tofu milk tea in 2023, wah lau.

So, to all the kakis out there, we know you see bubble tea like long lost love returning.

It’s time to swoon over Chaffic’s new offerings lah!

Let’s celebrate like there’s no tomorrow and soak in every aromatic sip.

Are you excited to taste this latest bubble tea kid on the block? Let me know what you think la, bae.

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