Largest Vape Smuggling Bust: 120K+ Items Seized at Border Checkpoint!

More Than 120k Vaping Products Were Uncovered - Photo via ICA Facebook
More Than 120k Vaping Products Were Uncovered - Photo via ICA Facebook
  1. ICA officers stopped smuggling of e-vaporisers and refill pods.
  2. Hidden in lorry with household detergents, Malays-register lorry ah.
  3. Largest case detection since land borders reopened on 1 April 2022.

Dude, did you hear about this crazy story that happened on 6 June 2023?

ICA Facebook said that ICA officers at Tuas Checkpoint stopped a lorry filled with e-vaporisers and refill pods hidden among household detergents.

The thing is, this lorry is Malaysia-registered one leh!

Le Vaping Smuggling Sneaky Business

Ah these sneaky people ah, they thought they can hide their vaping products in a lorry filled with detergent bottles.

But the ICA officers smart lah, they profiled the lorry for enhanced checks and discovered the illegal items.

The officers found over 120,000 vaping products sia, so many leh!

Why lah? Later kena caught then jialat lor.

You know why these people still try to smuggle ah?

Anything for money lah, but their business cannot make it.

Now caught liao, Health Sciences Authority will investigate.

Learn from these miserable smuggling stories hor

You remember the time when people try to smuggle drugs and other illegal stuff into Singapore?

Don’t be like them lah. Later kena caught then you also die die have to own up leh.

So, folks, this story teaches us not to join a crime business.

ICA officers very power sia, they will catch you ah!

So, you got any more funny or interesting smuggling stories? Share with us lah!

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