Singapore Plumbers Raking in 5-Digits: Are You Missing Out?

Shortage of Licensed Plumbers in Singapore
Shortage of Licensed Plumbers in Singapore
  • Licensed plumbers in Singapore can earn up to 5-digit salaries.
  • Still face manpower shortage and aging workforce.
  • Need to attract more young blood into the industry.

Hey dude, wah lau eh, I read this article on Shin Min Daily News.

They say licensed plumbers in Singapore can earn big bucks, but still got not enough people!

Let me tell you what’s going on.

So, you know lah, got this 40-year-old guy, Chen Jixiang, who switched to plumbing career eight years ago.

Now he’s telling Shin Min Daily News that even though licensed plumbers earn quite a lot, the industry still got problem with manpower shortage and too many old people.

So, now must really encourage more youngsters to join lah, huh?

Why Got Shortage?

One reason ah, licensed plumbers got better promotion chances and less hands-on work.

But then hor, getting a license take six to nine months of training, which costs money.

Locals about 1,000 bucks, but foreigners need S$4,000 – wah lau eh, quite ex leh!

That’s why Chen Jixiang thinks hor, around half of foreign plumbers in Singapore don’t have license.

Non-Licensed Plumbers – Cheap But Not Good?

Aiyah, for projects like renovation and construction, don’t really need licensed plumbers, so got many employers hire those without license, said Chen, can save money mah.

But got downside: those with license earn more than double than those without – up to $8,000 or even $12,000 per month!

Need More Young Blood (Like You!)

So need to attract younger folks into this industry.

Chen, who’s also the youngest member in the Singapore Water Plumbing Association’s management committee, saw more young faces recently.

The number of young people attending plumbing courses went from 10% last year to around 30% now.

Plumbers During COVID-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic, licensed plumbers were considered essential workers, and demand for them doubled.

Busy times, man – Chen said he had to visit five or six buildings daily, working more than 12 hours.

With manpower shortage and older colleagues at higher risk, young plumbers like him really had their hands full.

New Digital Platform To Help

The association and PUB launched a digital platform last week.

More than 60 licensed plumbers and business owners joined already.

This platform hopefully can help both parties find each other easier, lah.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Consider joining plumbing industry for good money.
  • Go for licensing to enjoy better opportunities and salary.
  • Support and join digital platforms to connect with others in the industry.

So you see hor, licensed plumbers in Singapore can earn quite well, but still got shortage in manpower and too many old people lah.

If you thinking about career change or looking for good money, maybe you can consider this plumbing industry, but must go and get that license first lah,

What do you think, bro? Will you consider becoming a plumber or not?

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