Rude? Careless? This Parcel-Throwing Qxpress Delivery Man Has It All!


• Wah, this delivery man throw parcel like nobody’s business, sia.
• Angry lady asking what’s wrong with his attitude.
• They both shouting here and there. After that, door slam shut.

You know, hor, things can get quite stress in this here Singapore.

So normally, we want our parcels delivered without any problem.

But sometimes, ah, we kena some rude delivery service. Here’s what went down, sis.

Delivery Man Gone Wild

Okay lah, ya’ll imagine this: You’re waiting for an important parcel, minding your own business.

Then, all of a sudden, this rude delivery man comes by.

First, he rudely ask you to accept the parcel, then when you ask for a little help carry it in, he throws it into your house!

Hello, bro, you got problem anot?

The lady who experienced this is probably super sim tia, got it recorded on YouTube somemore.

Parcel Throwing Drama

So right, the lady, in her shock, questions the guy for throwing her stuff.

She’s like “What kind of attitude is this?” and the man retorted back.

They end up raising voices at each other like in some soap opera, sia.

The guy even tells her to go ahead and complain lor!

Seriously ah, what give him the entitlement?

Delivery Services: Handle with Care

Remember that time when we could all agree that the customer is always right, huh?

These days, where got guarantee bro?

We must always be vigilant lor, protect our precious goods!

After all, it’s our money go buy these things, not his what.

Now, let’s talk about what we can learn from this whole rude delivery thing:

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Always be polite, even when people are rude to you. At least, you can keep your dignity hor.
  • Record if need be. It might help you as evidence for any disputes, just like this case lor.
  • When you face a bad experience, don’t keep quiet. Share with others like on social media or YouTube/TikTok so they can know your story.

Wah, life really like a box of chocolates, ya’ll.

Never know how kisiao it can get, right?

Just remember, there is always good to be found in bad things, one day we look back and laugh at this funny story lor. S

So tell us, have you had your own rude delivery experience before?

Write in the comments it down below, share it with all of us, kay?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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