Urgent Search for Missing Worker Amid Collapse at Tanjong Pagar

Search dog Jack deployed to locate the missing worker - Image via Facebook (SCDF)
Search dog Jack deployed to locate the missing worker - Image via Facebook (SCDF)
  1. Collapsed structure at 1 Bernam Street on 15 June 2023, during building demolishing works.
  2. SCDF, 1st SCDF Division, Marina Bay Fire Station and DART rescuers on scene searching for missing worker.
  3. Two search canines help in searching 20m by 10m area.

[Update: SCDF confirmed in a Facebook post that they have found the 20-year-old missing worker pinned under the collapsed reinforced concrete structure. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police is investigating it as unnatural death.]

Wah lau eh, that day got big thing happen at 1 Bernam Street, you know?

There was this nasty collapsed structure and people like so panicky.

SCDF to the rescue, bro

But don’t worry leh, SCDF got our backs.

They quickly alerted, brought their officers including them Marina Bay Fire Station and Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) fellas.

They all went to search for a missing worker, sekali kena buried under the rubble.

Awoooo! Search doggos also join the party

And you know what?

They brought in two search canines!

Like Scooby-Doo style, helping to have a good sniff and search around a whole 20m by 10m area, no joke sia!

Investigate all the way, dude

So our heroes at SCDF are now investigating the whole thing.

Find out why the structure collapse, and what’s the lesson to take away.

Maybe check the demolishing work hor?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Stay vigilant for large-scale incidents like collapsed structure lah.
  • Know how to react and trust SCDF to have your back.
  • Appreciate the hard work of the rescuers and search teams ah.

And there you have it, folks.

While scary stuff may happen out of the blue and put life in danger, just remember our SCDF heroes fly in and save the day.

Let’s hope our hardworking worker is found soon and doing okay!

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