Shocking Viral Incident Exposes the Dark Side of Singaporean Behaviour: What You Need to Know

Photo via TikTok/dan_wilk
Photo via TikTok/dan_wilk
  • This incident happened at Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel in Bintan.
  • Singaporean man scolds hotel staff for knocking on his door at 3am.
  • Debate arises on the internet about typical Singaporean behaviour abroad.

Yo, we’ve all heard it before – some Singaporean gets a little too enthusiastic when traveling abroad and somehow ends up famous (or rather infamous) on the internet.

This time, we’re talking about the dude who decided to have a go at hotel staff for doing their job – informing him about his wandering mother.

Yeah, bro, we can all have a chuckle about it, but let’s dive in deeper and see what’s up, aye?

When Hotel Staff Get a Scolding

Ok, so it’s basically like this, lah. Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel staff found the man’s bootiful mother wandering around the place and did what any caring hotel staff would do – knocked on his door to let him know.

And what did our dear Singaporean man do? Scold the hotel staff… at 3am… just for being kiasu, wor!

As viewer Wan862023 put it, Ur mother u take care lah why must hotel staff take care?”.

A fair question lah. Should the responsibility be on the hotel staff, instead of her dear son? Um, got opinions?


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Singaporeans Abroad: Entitled or Just Seekers of Proper Conduct?

Now we got netizens raggin’ on our fellow Singaporeans, sayin’ we’re like this across the border.

User2668458662132 shared a dark and moody thought with us, “typical Singaporean especially now the currency getting higher and higher! Be humble or just stay in your own country!”.

Wah lau eh, that’s a bit of a hit there, bro.

Not all Singaporeans think they’re atas, lah.

Some just want good service wherever they go.

But really ah, should we be behaving like that?

Do we need to be entitled and demanding, sister?

Jac Abrahm has a word for us too, “Why Singaporeans like getting so vocal and lecturing loudly unnecessarily to foreigners or when abroad like this? Just stop it already.”

Yeah, let’s examine our behaviour, a little self-reflection, can?

Actions Speak Louder Than Mistakes, So Act Like Somebody

Look lah, we all make mistakes, ok lah.

But what can we do to prevent them from happening again?

Some actionable takeaways for you, friend:

  • Be mindful of your behaviour when traveling. Remember, you’re representing our little red dot!
  • Think before you act, even if it’s 3am and you’re upset. We don’t need more funny ‘incidents’, ok?
  • Appreciate the effort that others go through for you. The hotel staff just wanted to help, and some idiot scold ’em for that!

In conclusion, it’s high time for us to take these moments, albeit hilarious and jaw-dropping, and learn from them.

Reflect upon your own behaviours and make a conscious effort to stay cool and collected, especially when representing our beautiful, sunny island of Singapore.

So, tell me – how do you feel about the way people act abroad?

Maybe you’ve seen another Singaporean getting wild on their travels?

Feel free to share your experiences, lah! And remember, a little kindness goes a long way, ok?

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