Singapore’s TikTok Surge: Controversy, Media Shifts & Trust in News Landscape

Image via Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
  1. A large study found that video-based apps like TikTok and YouTube are growing in importance for news, while Facebook is becoming less influential.
  2. In Singapore, TikTok is especially popular among young people, and despite some concerns about its use, the local CEO defends it strongly.
  3. An alternative news site, Mothership, is becoming the most popular source of news in Singapore, even more than traditional media outlets.

Hey bae, so Singapore TikTok scene ah, expanding like kueh, making big moves hor.

Reuters Institute for Journalism at the University of Oxford got some juicy deets on how Singapore’s digital news landscape changing up like crazy-fashion.

Global HQs, CEOs, and Constant Defending

TikTok coming to our little red dot, setting up their global HQ here.

But wah lau eh, their CEO Shou Zi Chew kena grilled for 4.5 hours by US people in some committee.

They kaypoh, saying TikTok might be China’s tool for influence, or even collecting data on users.

But our own Singapore-born CEO stand his ground lah, won’t give in to these accusations. Impressive hor?

Young Singaporeans and their TikTok Obsession

Aiyoh, confirm-plus-chop young Singaporeans loving TikTok like nobody’s business.

Around 49% of the 18-24 age group using this app every week, even 22% of them using it for news!

But wait – not all things smooth sailing, cos there’s controversy involving TikTok and public officials.

Now, they not allowed to have the app on their official devices.

Even kena listed under POFMA for dealing with misinformation, transparent political advertising and all.

Like that lor, have good and bad sides mah.

Mainstream who? Alternative News Site Conquer

Oh, did you know this Mothership, alternative news site becoming the most used online news source sia?

They turning viral social media posts into short articles and videos, and got 48% of Singaporeans using it every week.

Wah, power right? They beating mainstream competitors like Channel NewsAsia (46%) and The Straits Times (42%).

Maybe it’s time for a change lah!

But hor, Mainstream still Most Trusted

Mainstream outlets remain as the most trusted news brands, and overall trust remains stable at 45%.

  • Mediacorp’s Channel NewsAsia (75%)
  • Channel 5 (73%)
  • The Straits Times (73%)
  • Mothership (52%).

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Keep an eye on Singapore’s expanding digital landscape with up-and-coming platforms.
  • Use TikTok responsibly, while understanding the controversies and potential risks.
  • Explore alternative news sources for a fresh perspective on local news.

So ah, the media scene here in Singapore getting more and more interesting, challenging even!

For those of us who love our daily dose of news, we got more choices than ever.

And with TikTok taking center stage, it’s just a matter of time before our local media market becomes even more exciting.

Ok lah, that’s all for now.

But oi, what y’all think sia?

Can TikTok keep growing in Singapore? Share your thoughts below lah, don’t be shy!

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