Unraveling the Red Crowns Controversy: All You Need to Know

Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  1. Ministry of Manpower investigating Red Crowns Senior Living (RCSL) for potential offences.
  2. RCSL allegedly maintaining control over migrant domestic workers’ key employment terms, leading to unnecessary risks for clients.
  3. Red Crowns responds with explanation of their mission and commitment to quality elderly care.

Wah lau eh, have you heard about the Red Crowns Investigation, bro?

Apparently, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is poking around RCSL and its staff concerning the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, dude.

Kinda serious stuff, if you ask me. But wait up, let me tell you the whole story.

What’s the fuss, lah?

So, according to MOM’s Facebook post, RCSL’s operating model might not be legit, ah.

You see, they made the elderly clients take on the role of employers for their migrant domestic workers (MDWs), but RCSL still controlled their job and deployment aspects.

This caused potential problems for the seniors, who could get into legal troubles if their MDWs faced any issues, like work injuries or insufficient rest.

Pretty heavy, right?

How did Red Crowns react?

Not taking it lying down, bae!

Red Crowns stepped up and explained their side on their own Facebook post.

They shared how they work together with the elderly clients and families to find the right MDWs for their needs.

They even offer their services to 130 seniors in 33 homes across Singapore!

So, they were quite surprised by MOM’s announcement, especially since they’ve been cooperating with them for 1.5 years already.

What’s Red Crowns’ mission?

Sis, Red Crowns aims to help older folks age comfortably in a home-like environment without breaking the bank, you know?

They organise everything, from caregiving and housing to daily meals and activities.

RCSL believes their services bridge the gap between nursing homes and public Community Care Apartments, providing a valuable solution for Singapore’s ageing population.

Feeling the social impact vibes

In case you’re wondering, RCSL is also a social enterprise registered with raiSE.

They even got a grant from DBS Foundation last November for their positive impact on society!

Joshua Goh, the founder, wants to create a happy ending for seniors by offering them the chance to live out their years in a cozy and caring atmosphere. Sweet, huh?

Takeaways to consider, ah

  • Elderly care is a serious concern for Singapore, and Red Crowns is trying to solve this issue in their own way.
  • Always do your research and know your rights and responsibilities when hiring an MDW.
  • Don’t forget to consider unconventional options for elderly care, like the age-in-place model Red Crowns promotes.

Aiyoh, this Red Crowns Investigation really shows that taking care of our elderly is no simple matter, bro.

But it also opens our eyes to the different possibilities and solutions out there.

So, between nursing homes, public apartments and RCSL, what kind of elderly care do you think is best for our seniors?

Share your thoughts lah, I’m all ears!

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