What You Didn’t Know About The Big Singapore President Question?

The Istana - Official Residence and Office of The President of Singapore
The Istana - Official Residence and Office of The President of Singapore
  1. Ho Ching’s view on role of the elected presidency.
  2. Must focus on key roles of Presidency.
  3. Need someone got grace and able to unite people.

Wah lau eh, got Presidential Election happening.

Let’s be serious for like 5 seconds, can?

Ho Ching, wife of PM Lee Hsien Loong, recently talk about it in her Facebook post .

So apparently the Pres, got two important roles, being a head of state lor, and making sure our reserves not simply spent.

No Free Lunch, lah!

You know, life got no such thing as freebies lah.

Like Ho Ching say in her Facebook post, the Swiss got it figured out.

They know they gotta work for what they want, not just ask for handouts.

We must be like them, steady!

Presidency Not Political Role, lah!

Uhm, don’t think Presidency is like some political heaven, can?

Aiyo, it’s a different role. Parliament still got the power lor.

Our President must be the kind of person to do the right thing, even if people don’t like.

Grace, where you at?

Err, so unity is important eh?

Presidency must symbolise our unity, can?

Imagine a rock band without harmony, just noise right?

That’s like Singapore without unity, lor.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Vote for Pres who can help protect our reserves, steady lah!
  • Remember, no freebies in life ah, work hard!
  • Find Pres who got grace and can unite people.

So don’t just simply choose a President k.

Focus on key roles. What’s importante?

It’s like, uhm, choosing the best insta filter lor.

In the end, we want amazeballs results, right?

Now you heard all this, right?

How important you think unity is?

Tell me something lah, make me feel like you actually read this. Cheers!

You can read Ho Ching’s full Facebook post here:

Image via Facebook (HO Ching)
Image via Facebook (HO Ching)

What do you think?

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