CEO’s Secret ‘Study Hard’ Note Found in Uni Dorm, Inspires 23 Years On!

CEO's Secret 'Study Hard' Note Found in Uni Dorm, Inspires 23 Years On!
Images via Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University
  1. A message from 21 January 2001, which is 23 years and 3 months old as of 11 May 2024, was found in a Zhejiang University dorm.
  2. The message “Study hard and make progress every day” lasted two decades.
  3. The creator, 方琴 (Fang Qin), is now a successful businesswoman.

Imagine finding a piece of history under your bed – a message from the past urging you to “Study hard and make progress every day”.

That’s exactly what happened at Zhejiang University, causing waves of inspiration.

The Power of an Encouraging Message

A recent discovery at Zhejiang University has got people talking about the effect of a simple yet powerful 励志标语 (encouraging slogan) left behind by a student.

In a quiet dormitory, a paper note stayed alive for 23 years.

On it, eight characters in faded ink read “好好学习,天天向上” – “Study hard and make progress every day”.

The message was signed by Fang Qin, a former student, who back in 2001 wanted to remind herself to stay focused.

Fang Qin was just a student like any other, looking for ways to keep her drive up.

The message has now touched a new generation, causing a desire to learn and do well.

This story, discovered by current student called Xue, connects the past and present in the pursuit of knowledge.

Fang Qin’s Legacy

Fang Qin, the woman behind the worn-out paper, told Zhejiang University, 23 years ago, I just wanted to remind myself to stay on track with my studies.

Since then, she’s done more than just study hard.

Fang Qin graduated from Zhejiang University and went on to start her own company, becoming a key player in Hangzhou’s business scene.

Her commitment extends to her role in the Zhejiang University alumni community, where her influence continues to shape the school.

This tale of hard work and lasting impact is not just inspiring, but it shows Fang Qin’s ongoing effect in the summary following table:

Then: The StudentNow: The Leader
Wrote a lasting encouraging message during her studiesFounder of 衣邦人 (Yibangren), a successful company
Struggled with focus like many studentsGuides alumni relations and events for Zhejiang University
Signed her message in a hidden spot for personal encouragementPublicly recognised for her business and community achievements
Her message unexpectedly inspired future generationsContinues to inspire as a role model and leader

Continuing the Chain of Inspiration

Finding such a personal, historical note in a place as everyday as a dormitory brings a unique sense of connection through time.

Today’s students are the future’s leaders, just like Fang Qin.

The story of Fang Qin goes beyond the walls of education.

It’s a story of how a small act, like writing a encouraging slogan, can become an important source of drive.

The reach of this story has turned Fang Qin into a symbol of not giving up and success, starting discussions on the power of inspirational quotes.

Her story has become one of those viral sayings that lifts spirits and urges students to do their best, just as she did.

The power of a simple message from the past shows the effect that one’s actions can have on others, even decades later.

Let’s carry on this great tradition of inspiring others with our efforts, for we never know who might find drive in them years down the line.

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