Clothes Dryer Fire in Yishun: 50 Evacuated, 1 Hospitalised

Clothes Dryer Fire in Yishun 50 Evacuated, 1 Hospitalised
Images via Facebook (SCDF) and Facebook (SCDF)
  1. Yishun condo dryer fire leads to evacuation.
  2. One person hospitalised due to smoke.
  3. Electrical fault causes the appliance fire.

Approximately 50 residents were evacuated after a clothes dryer caught fire at 93 Yishun Street 81, where Orchid Park Condominium is located.

Fire Breakout in Yishun: A Common Concern

The Straits Times reports that a Yishun condo unit was the scene of a significant fire event.

The fire occurred on 28 May.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted at about 11.40am.

About 50 people had to leave the building.

One resident was taken to the hospital for help.

The SCDF points to an electrical issue with the dryer.

  • Check your wires regularly to stay safe.
  • Don’t overload power sockets with plugs.
  • Always switch off machines when not needed.

Home Appliance Fires: A Rising Trend

SCDF data shows more fires in Singapore in 2023.

Up from 1,799 in 2022 to 1,954 fires in 2023.

Electrical problems caused most fires.

Unattended cooking was the second main cause.

Machines need the Safety Mark, SCDF advises.

YearNumber of Fires
Electrical Fires597
Cooking Fires456

Keeping Safe: Simple Steps

Some tips from SCDF can mean no fires happen:

“Do not overload electrical outlets.”

Switch off items when you’re not using them.

Use appliances with a Safety Mark only.

Now let’s not forget the rise in fires last year.

Home safety is important, remember these tips!

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