MOH Crackdown On Doctors & Dentists Giving Easy MCs

MOH Crackdown On Doctors & Dentists Giving Easy MCs
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  1. Doctors reminded about their duty when giving MCs.
  2. Too many MCs from telemedicine, says MOH.
  3. New law plans to name doctor on every MC.

A fresh move from the government puts the spotlight on professional integrity among doctors in Singapore with stricter rules on medical certificates..

Crackdown on Medical Certificate Misuse

The Straits Times reports that doctors in Singapore have been urged to be diligent.

MOH warns against handing out MCs with no physical check.

New laws will make doctors declare their names on MCs.

Employers and schools raised issues on MCs being misused.

A deeper look at these points reveals a problem in telemedicine:

  • Fake cases get MCs too easily now.
  • Genuine sick people worry about their leave.
  • New rules aim to make MC issuance more honest.

Ensuring Ethics in Telemedicine

“The Ministry of Health will take action if rules are broken,” says MOH.

New act may see doctors tied to the MCs they issue.

Care must be given before an MC can be written.

New debate: what if truly ill folks don’t get an MC?

Actions to address this will be tabled in upcoming amendments:

ConcernProposed Solution
MC misuse in telemedicineStricter regulation for issuance
Accountability of doctorsName and registration number on MC
Protection of genuinely illEnsure care before issuance

A Balancing Act for Healthcare

Feedback shows a split view on MC regulation.

Some fear genuine cases may suffer without leave.

Others see a surge in MCs due to easy online access.

MOH seeks a fair ground in new healthcare rules.

MOH had sent the circular to doctors on 22 April.

MOH replied to The Straits Times queries on 28 May.

New rules aim at a fairer, more responsible system for all.

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