Rain Chaos: Cars Slam Into Funan Mall Carpark Wall!

Rain Chaos: Cars Slam Into Funan Mall Carpark Wall!
Images via The Straits Times and Capitaland
  1. At least 10 cars were damaged in Funan Mall car park because of the rain.
  2. The accident happened at about 6.10 pm on 14 May.
  3. No one was hurt, but cars got quite a bad knock.

A wet car park ramp turned into an accidental slide at Funan Mall, causing a surprise for drivers and damage to their cars..

Details of the Funan Mall Car Accident

The Straits Times tells us about a rather unusual incident that took place.

It was raining very heavily, and the cars just could not stop in time

Some drivers thought their brakes had stopped working, but it was just too slippery

Funan Mall took action right away to keep everyone safe

Here’s what happened after the cars got stuck on the wet ramp:

  • Drivers are talking about asking the mall to pay up.
  • The mall said sorry and are helping how they can.
  • For now, drivers need to go in another way, from Hill Street.

Reactions from Those Involved

A driver recalled, He added that he initially thought his brakes had failed…

There was quite a wait before the mall workers came to talk to drivers.

The drivers and the cars are okay, just shaken up and scratched.

Now, people are going to have a chat with their insurers about the situation.

Let’s look closer at the key things drivers and the mall said:

What Drivers SaidWhat Funan Mall Said
Thought brakes were brokenSorry for the trouble
Waited over an hour for helpMaking sure shoppers are safe
Planning to ask mall to cover costsOffering help to the drivers

Stay Safe When It Rains

Heavy downpours can make roads risky for cars and drivers.

Drive slowly, be careful, and watch out for wet, slippery spots.

Remember, safety first, especially when the weather plays tricks on you.

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