Electricity and Gas Prices Up This July-September 2024

Electricity and Gas Prices Up This July-September 2024
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  1. Electricity tariffs in Singapore will increase by 0.3%.
  2. Town gas tariffs will increase by 0.03 cents per kWh.
  3. Increased energy costs cited as reason for hikes.

As the new quarter approaches, Singapore households prepare for higher energy costs.

Energy Prices on the Rise

From 1 July to 30 September marks a period of big concern as The Straits Times details an increase in power tariffs.

Starting 1 July, electricity bills will see an increase.

For a typical family in a four-room flat, expect to pay about 35 cents more.

This increase stems from a 0.3% increase in the electricity tariff.

Before tax, the new rate is 29.88 cents per kilowatt-hour.

At the same time, gas tariffs are set for a rise due to increasing energy costs.

Each unit will cost 0.03 cents more.

Here are some key points to note:

  • Electricity costs rise by 0.09 cents per kWh on average.
  • Four-room Housing Board flats will see a fee increase by 35 cents monthly.
  • Gas tariffs by City Energy go up, costing households more.

Impact on Households

According to a Singapore Power Group representative, The hike is due to an increase in energy costs, by 0.09 cents per kWh on average.

As utility bills grow, families must adjust their budgets to manage.

Both electricity and gas will add to rising costs.

Increased power charges come from changing global energy prices.

Suppliers pass these on to consumers.

City Energy confirms their tariffs are up, as approved by the Energy Market Authority.

This means increased gas costs for residents.

Take a look at this quick table for a clear overview:

ItemCost Change
Electricity Tariff0.3% Increase
Monthly Bill for 4-room HDB Flat35 Cents Increase
Gas Tariff0.03 Cents Increase per kWh
Average Energy Cost Hike0.09 Cents Increase per kWh

Public Reaction and Advice

The public reacts with worry over the added money stress that higher utility bills bring.

Many worry about how this will affect the prices of goods and services.

Experts suggest checking usage to manage bills well.

Think about using energy-saving appliances to reduce this impact.

Looking Ahead

While the increases are small, their total effect is big.

Households should get ready for more costly utilities.

Authorities assure the public the new tariffs are still lower compared to the start of 2023.

This may not help much for those on tight budgets.

The changes are a reminder that energy costs always change, prompting residents to use energy more carefully.

With these changes, it’s wise for Singaporeans to better manage energy use and get ready for a more expensive quarter ahead.

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