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Presenting Daily.SG, your go-to kaki for living the shiok life in Singapore!

We’re here to ensure you’re armed with the right lobang and info to thrive in our fast-paced city.

We know time is not enough, so we chop the wordy articles and decode their ‘secret messages’ for you – making them simple and Singlish-friendly for you to zoom in and absorb ASAP!

Each article got 3 key points for the 5s peeps, a short vid for the 1-min kiasu ones, and an easy-read post for those who can lepak a bit longer.

Plus, we got the Actionable and Practical Takeaways section, so you can start doing something with your newfound knowledge. Don’t waste, hor!

Our language? Confirm simple and informal!

From 5-year-old little ones to the 85-year-old young-at-heart, everyone can catch our drift.

Got Chinese-speaking kakis? No problem! We got Chinese Edition too!

We try our best but sometimes can make mistake lah.

If you catch any wrong info or grammar gaffes, or think we can do better, tell us leh!

So, ready to join Daily.SG and live the best life in Singapore? Let’s go!


Patrick Tan

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