Started out as a localised search engine and online directory to help you find answers from 100+ top Singapore websites in 2007, Daily.SG has since evolved according to your needs.

Daily.SG is now about identifying, creating and sharing solutions that will help to improve your life in Singapore. It’s about allowing you to breathe easier as things get more challenging.

The reviews, tips & guides and latest Singapore sites found here are result of insights gained from many hours of crawling the web, reading through print materials as well as first-hand experience.

Locals and foreigners who are currently or intending to reside in Singapore: this site is created for you.

Who is Patrick Tan?

Patrick Tan - Author of

The author of this website. Since the creation of my first website in 1999, I have embarked on an exciting web journey that saw me through roles in Web Development, e-Business/Internet Marketing and Digital Strategy across local horse-racing, entertainment, global car rental and Asia consumer electronics industries.

Both these professional and personal roles have endowed me with the experience and ability to use the web to identify opportunities and solutions for a wide range of activities and industries.

I created this site because I am based in Singapore and have this incessant need to help people around me (some call it busybody). I was encouraged by those who benefited from my ‘solutions’ to document it down and share it with everyone.

You are always welcome to drop me a line anytime!

Patrick Tan

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