Flea Market – Submission Form (Edit)

You can easily edit or cancel your existing Singapore flea market event using the following form:

Note: If your event is fully sold, please insert “Fully Booked” (under “New Rental Contact”) instead of cancelling it. This will keep your listing running and bring in the shoppers.

    *Organiser Name

    *Your Email

    *Your Contact Number

    I wish to edit the following event:

    *Existing Event Name (Copy event name from Flea Market page)

    *Existing Event Date (Copy event date from Flea Market page)

    This event has been CANCELLED and I wish to DELETE it.

    Complete only the following field/s that you wish to edit for the above event. Leave it blank if you want to retain its existing information.

    New Organiser Name

    New Event Name

    New Date

    New Time

    New Venue

    New Booth Rental Cost

    New Rental Contact (Insert "Fully Booked" if your event is fully sold.)

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