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(ChatGPT) OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman is Coming to Singapore

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says he’s now optimistic about global AI cooperation. Regulators worldwide trying to catch up…

ByByPatrick TanJun 12, 2023

Get a Sneak Peek into Singapore’s Unique AI Verify Plan

Singapore launches AI Verify Foundation for AI testing tools and governance. Discussion Paper on Generative AI identifies 6…

ByByPatrick TanJun 12, 2023

Join the AI Revolution: Global FinTech Challenge 2023 Awaits Innovative Minds!

8th edition of Global FinTech Hackcelerator focus on AI in Finance. 16 problem statements focused on 4 key…

ByByPatrick TanJun 12, 2023

Bridging the AI Gap: How MAS & Google Cloud are Pioneering Change?

MAS partners Google Cloud to advance generative AI technology Collaboration focuses on responsible AI practices and skill development…

ByByPatrick TanMay 31, 2023

Korea-SG Digital Economy Dialogue: Unlocking New Opportunities & Synergies

First Korea-Singapore Digital Economy Dialogue was held in Seoul, Korea. Singapore Deputy Secretary (Trade) Jane Lim and ROK’s…

ByByPatrick TanMay 20, 2023

80,000 New Jobs by 2025: Singapore’s ITM Plan Unveiled!

The following content is based on the refreshed I&C ITM (Information & Communications Industry Transformation Map) launched on…

ByByPatrick TanMay 6, 2023
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