Singapore Fixed Deposit Interest Rates [13 June 2024]

SGD Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Comparison

Basically, the Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit (also known as Time Deposit) holds your money for a fixed amount of time (tenor or tenure), and in return, you are promised a fixed deposit interest rate.

Upon maturity, you will receive your initial deposit plus interest earned.

As there are a myriad of fixed deposit interest rates available for various tenors/tenures as well as deposit amounts, we shall focus on the most common combination:

Tenor/Tenure: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 10/12 months

Deposit Amount: less than S$10k to S$50k

Based on the above tenor and deposit amounts, the following is a comparison of the Fixed Deposit Interest Rate (% p.a.) offered by the local banks and full banks in Singapore.

Note: For other periods & deposit amounts, click “View” below for their latest rates.

Interest Rates Updated On:13 June 2024
BankTenure/TenorInterest Rates (Counter)Interest Rates (eBank)Minimum AmountLatest Rates
Bank of China3 Months3.40%3.50%S$10,000 (Counter), S$500 (eBank)View
Citibank3 Months2.50%2.50%S$50,000View
CIMB3 Months3.25%S$10,000View
DBS/POSB3 Months1.0000%1.0000%S$1,000 – S$19,999View
Hong Leong Finance3 Months2.85%S$20,000View
Hong Leong Finance3 Months2.90%S$50,000View
HSBC3 Months3.20% p.a.3.20% p.a.S$30,000View
ICBC3 Months3.35%3.40%S$20,000 (Counter), S$500 (eBank)View
MayBank3 MonthsView
OCBC3 MonthsView
RHB3 Months3.25%3.25%S$20,000View
SBI3 MonthsView
Standard Chartered3 Months0.9000%0.9000%< S$20,000View
UOB3 MonthsView
BankTenure/TenorInterest Rates (Counter)Interest Rates (eBank)Minimum AmountLatest Rates
Bank of China6 Months3.20%3.30%S$10,000 (Counter), S$500 (eBank)View
Citibank6 Months2.50%2.50%S$50,000View
CIMB6 Months3.20%S$10,000View
DBS/POSB6 Months2.9000%2.9000%S$1,000 – S$19,999View
Hong Leong Finance6 MonthsView
HSBC6 Months3.20% p.a.3.20% p.a.S$30,000View
ICBC6 Months3.10%3.15%S$20,000 (Counter), S$500 (eBank)View
MayBank6 MonthsView
OCBC6 Months2.30%2.60%S$30,000View
RHB6 Months3.25%3.25%S$20,000View
SBI6 Months3.35%3.35%S$50,000View
Standard Chartered6 Months2.2000%2.2000%< S$20,000View
UOB6 Months2.70%2.70%S$10,000View
BankTenure/TenorInterest Rates (Counter)Interest Rates (eBank)Minimum AmountLatest Rates
Bank of China9 Months3.00%3.05%S$10,000 (Counter), S$500 (eBank)View
Citibank9 MonthsView
CIMB9 Months3.25%S$10,000View
DBS/POSB9 Months3.1000%3.1000%S$1,000 – S$19,999View
Hong Leong Finance9 Months2.75%S$20,000View
Hong Leong Finance9 Months2.80%S$50,000View
HSBC9 MonthsView
ICBC9 Months3.00%3.05%S$20,000 (Counter), S$500 (eBank)View
MayBank9 Months2.50%S$20,000View
OCBC9 MonthsView
RHB9 MonthsView
SBI9 MonthsView
Standard Chartered9 Months2.5500%2.5500%< S$20,000View
UOB9 MonthsView
BankTenure/TenorInterest Rates (Counter)Interest Rates (eBank)Minimum AmountLatest Rates
Bank of China12 Months3.00%3.05%S$10,000 (Counter), S$500 (eBank)View
Citibank12 MonthsView
CIMB12 Months2.95%S$10,000View
DBS/POSB12 Months3.2000%3.2000%S$1,000 – S$19,999View
Hong Leong Finance10 Months2.75%S$20,000View
Hong Leong Finance10 Months2.80%S$50,000View
HSBC12 Months2.95% p.a.2.95% p.a.S$30,000View
ICBC12 Months3.00%3.05%S$20,000 (Counter), S$500 (eBank)View
MayBank12 Months2.60%S$20,000View
OCBC12 Months2.80%S$30,000View
RHB12 Months3.25%3.25%S$20,000View
SBI12 Months3.05%S$50,000View
Standard Chartered12 Months2.6000%2.6000%< S$20,000View
UOB10 Months2.60%S$10,000View

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