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Levelling the Playing Field: Female Entrepreneurs’ New Chance!

Women in Entrepreneurship Incubator
Women in Entrepreneurship Incubator
  1. Standard Chartered Bank and SMU launch incubator for female entrepreneurs.
  2. The incubator aims to address gender disparities and improve access to mentorship and funding for female-led startups.
  3. Female entrepreneurs in Singapore can apply from 12 June to 1 September 2023.

Ahem…so ah, bro, let me tell you about this new thing called Women in Entrepreneurship Incubator.

I read in an SMU article that Standard Chartered Bank and Singapore Management University (SMU) want more ladies in entrepreneur world.

So they come up with this Women in Entrepreneurship Incubator.

Why incubator lagi important, ah?

You know what, bro?

Life hard for female entrepreneurs in SEA, leh.

According to a 2020 IFC report, only 8% of venture capital funding goes to women even though they make up 30% of entrepreneurs in the region – sibeh unfair, right?

That’s where incubator like this one comes in, to help lady bosses get resources and support they need, lah.

Mentorship, networking, and oh, seed funding!

Female entrepreneurs who join the incubator, they get training, mentoring, and even seed funding, bro.

Sounds quite useful, right?

But not only that, they also learn how to use new tools and technologies to solve problems, and work on personal and professional development, which is good, lah.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals connection, man!

In case you wondering ah, this incubator not so simple, you must do something meaningful, leh.

The business or business idea must address at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and then focus on like digital transformation, sustainable living, or growth in Asia.

Wah, very high-level stuff, yah?

Access to a community of support

Ok lah, bro, so 20 female entrepreneurs from 10 early-stage startups will join between October 2023 and March 2024, learn from masterclasses, mentoring, and pitching exercises, and then the best 5 teams will win up to S$80k in seed funding!

And aiyo, so shiok ah, they even get to join a network of fellow entrepreneurs and get longer-term support from their community.

Want to find out more? Can visit: Women in Entrepreneurship Incubator 2023.

Some practical takeaways for you, lah

  • If you’re a female entrepreneur, you might want to apply for the Women in Entrepreneurship Incubator.
  • Check if your business idea addresses the UN SDG and could benefit from the training, mentoring, and funding offered.
  • Remember the application deadline, ah: 1 September 2023.

Aiya, bro/sis, this incubator thing, right, might be like that saying about how you need a village to raise a child – in this case, the village is the incubator and the child is the entrepreneurial dream.

It takes a community to support and grow a business, man.

Tell me ah, you think this Incubator Equity mania will help create a more inclusive entrepreneurial scene in Singapore?

What do you think, friend?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

Meet Patrick, the word wizard of Daily.SG! He whips up news about Singapore that's so simple, even toddlers give him a thumbs up. When he's not writing, you'll find him sipping milk tea, gliding on skates, or striking a yoga pose. Dive into his stories and feel the sprinkle of fun and a whole lot of heart!

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