Director Killed Pregnant Wife Over ‘Failed’ Business, Unaware of S$1M Profit

Director Killed Pregnant Wife Over Failed Business, Unaware of S1M Profit
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  1. A managing director wrongly believed his company was failing due to an inaccurate report, leading to a tragic homicide.
  2. The wrongly accused man, suffering from mental health issues, killed his pregnant wife, mistakenly thinking he was saving her and their unborn child from debtors.
  3. Despite family and colleagues’ support, the man was blind to the thriving nature of his company, which had made a considerable S$1m profit.

CNA reports that David Brian Chow Kwok-Hun, the managing director of a training company in Singapore, killed his pregnant wife due to a mistaken belief that his business was failing.

The Unravelling of A Life

An inaccurate half-year financial report led Chow to believe his business was in shambles.

The numbers were low.

Catastrophically so.

Despair consumed him.

Hollowed him.

He stopped sleeping.

He didn’t know his business was actually making S$1m profit.

The Dire Consequences

Chow decided on a dark path.

To end his wife and unborn child’s lives to shield them from potential debtors.

His family tried to galvanise him, to save him from his growing despair.

Their efforts collapsed.

Painfully unsuccessful.

Inevitably, the tipping point came.

Shrouded in Regret

Chow shocked Singapore when he stabbed his pregnant wife multiple times.

Until she was lifeless.

His remorse echoed in his words to her, “Sorry, I have no way out.”

A Failed Suicide Attempt and A Key Admission

Having failed to take his own life, Chow called the Police.

To avoid implicating his father who was on his way.

To shield him from the horror of the crime scene.

Legal Proceedings

In court, a disturbing narrative played out.

Chow pleaded guilty to culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jiang Ke-Yue stated clearly, “He was not of unsound mind and was fit to plead.”

The Aftermath

The shock ripples through Singapore.

Executives recoiled, acutely reminded of the relentless pressures of corporate life.

People mourned the woman and her unborn child, tragically robbed of their future by a desperate man’s misinterpretation of reality.

The Takeaway

This tragic event underscores the importance of mental health awareness in the corporate world.

Recognising our limitations and seeking help when needed can save lives.

Are we doing enough to ensure mental well-being at our workplaces?

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