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Discover the Latest Food Craze: Emart24 in Singapore

Discover the Latest Food Craze: Emart24 in Singapore
Discover the Latest Food Craze: Emart24 in Singapore - Image via Facebook (Emart24 Singapore)
  1. Emart24 making waves in Singapore with Korean food and snacks.
  2. First two stores opened in Jurong Point and NEX malls in December.
  3. Emart24 stores in Singapore use a Korean food cafeteria concept.

Umm, hello there fellow SG peeps, got some interesting news hor.

The Korea Times say that Emart24, one Korean convenience store creating noise in our lovely Singapore since it open only six months ago, dude.

So, are you tire of the normal convenience store offerings? Ahh, better check this out lah!

Why Emart24 is the new hype?

Ok, so the thing is ah, Emart24 no your typical convenience store.

According to an Emart24 official, “We sell various items including fried chicken, hot dogs and instant noodles at Emart24 stores in Singapore. About 700 to 800 people visit our Jurong Point branch every day to try instant noodles and tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake) products.”

Walau eh, that’s a lot of people!

It even change the game by using a Korean food cafeteria concept instead of just selling snack stuffs, bro.

Half the shop provides space for customers to eat, and got instant noodle preparation machines and microwave ovens for heating up premade meals.

Cool right? Like one mini Korean restaurant leh.

Why Emart24 target Singapore market?

Wah, very true lah, we’re quite a small country and not often Korean retailers target here.

But Emart24, these chaps really smart ah.

They see potential in our country because our per capita income show $80,000, umm, that means we got the moolah to spend on something a bit atas than usual.

Since our restaurant industry more developed than our neighbours’, Emart24 sees a good chance for growth with selling a wide variety of food products.

Korean Convenience: The New Norm?

You might think this is just a passing fad, but guess what, you might be wrong, lah.

Emart24 stores have already become a hot hangout spot among young locals like us, you know.

They offer delicious Korean foods for pretty affordable prices.

The Emart24 official said, “We will continue to offer a variety of products” – wah, sounds like they here to stay, hor.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Try out Emart24 for a quick Korean food fix.
  • Hang out with friends at an Emart24 store – it’s the new cool thing!
  • Keep an eye out for more Korean convenience stores in Singapore.

If Korean convenience store is a new trendsetter in town, who know what other creative retail ventures will soon land on our sunny island?

As Emart24 shows, it’s possible to bring new and exciting experience even to something as mundane as convenience store.

So, what you think? Are you on board with the Korean convenience hype?

Go share your thoughts and experiences lah, don’t shy!

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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