SCDF Put Down Kranji Fire in 3-Hour Fight

SCDF Put Down Kranji Fire in 3-Hour Fight
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  1. A massive fire involved waste materials in a sorting/processing area in Kranji Crescent, Singapore, early on 28 March 2024.
  2. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) fought the fire with a strong emergency response, sending 10 vehicles and around 50 personnel.
  3. No injuries were reported, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

SCDF (Facebook) reports that an industrial fire at 11 Kranji Crescent was met with a strong response from SCDF, with no injuries recorded.

Bold Response to the Kranji Fire

In the early hours of a quiet morning, sleep was stopped by the noise of an industrial fire.

The SCDF quickly stepped in at 2.25am, calling upon a big task force to control the fire.

Enormous efforts by firefighters prevented any harm to human life, a testament to their relentless dedication.

  • Fire in a 20m by 20m area in Kranji Crescent stopped in a three-hour-long fight.
  • No casualties reported, thanks to people leaving before firefighters arrived.
  • Big firefighting equipment used, including four water jets, two foam jets, and an unmanned firefighting machine.

Kranji Fire Incident: A Recap

On 28 March, a raging fire started in Kranji.

Within moments, 25 people left, while the fire burned a 20m by 20m area.

Incident Details SCDF Response
Kranji Crescent, 2.25am 10 emergency vehicles, 50 personnel
20m by 20m area affected Four water jets, two foam jets, unmanned machine

Careful Work After the Fire

After stopping the fire, an important step called “damping down” began.

The SCDF used this to prevent the fire from starting again from the still hot debris.

Safety of the area remains very important, as they are trying to find out what caused the fire.

  • Careful damping down of affected surfaces to make sure the fire is fully out.
  • No losses of life, with all people there accounted for and unhurt.
  • The cause of the Kranji fire is still a mystery under careful checking.

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