Singapore Police to Add 200,000 CCTV Cameras by Mid-2030s

Singapore Police to Add 200,000 CCTV Cameras by Mid-2030s
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  1. Singapore Police Force (SPF) plans to double the number of police cameras in public areas by mid-2030s reaching over 200,000 cameras.
  2. The cameras will be installed at commercial, recreational, and entertainment districts, as well as bus stops, and MRT stations to enhance public safety and security.
  3. Strict data protection safeguards and controls will be there to ensure the privacy and security of the footage, with the cameras already having helped to solve 7,500 crimes.

The eyes of the law are everywhere, and soon, even more will be watching.

Surveillance will be upgraded in the lion city.

Imagine – 200,000 new guardians on the streets.

In this vision, every alleyway, corner, park and transport hub will be safe, and the public’s fears, alleviated.

The New Eyes of Singapore Police

Here’s the scoop.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is upping their game.

They aim to install over 200,000 police cameras on the island by the mid-2030s, doubling their current numbers according to CNA.

We’re talking 100% increase in the number of police cameras.

But where will these new guardians focus their lenses?

Well, they will gaze at commercial hubs, entertainment districts, and recreational spaces.

They will also look out for our safety at bus stops and MRT stations.

Soon, nowhere will hide from their watchful gaze.

The Benefits ? A Safe Singapore

So, why is this happening?

Well, the police cameras have put in the hard yards already.

According to CNA, since their installation, the cameras have helped solve 7,500 crimes.

More cameras mean less crime, right?

It’s clear as day.

Moreover, the technology behind these police cameras is not stuck in the past.

Oh, no.

It’s always being refined and modernised.

And the word on the street is – the upgrade will enhance public safety and security even further.

Now that’s great news!

An Exemplary Case of Crime Detection

Remember that case earlier this March?

The lady who scalded her husband and tried to flee the country.

Sounds like a plot twist straight from a movie?

But it happened right here.

A woman, dressed in a black dress and niqab, attempted to escape to Indonesia by ferry with a different outfit, reports The Straits Times.

Image via Singapore Police Force
Suspect in black dress and niqab before the assault. (Image via Singapore Police Force)
Image via Singapore Police Force
Suspect in a different outfit after the assault. (Image via Singapore Police Force)

But let’s not forget our watchful guardians.

The police cameras identified her, tracked her down and shone the light of the law on her escape.

“With the camera footage, we identified her.

We also verified this with the victim,” Station Inspector Siti Shamsiah Mohamad Deshah told The Straits Times.

Four hours.

That’s all it took for justice to catch up.

What about the public’s thoughts?

Well, opinions are like fingerprints.

Each different, each unique.

But a whopping 91% of Singapore citizens are in favour of the camera implementation.

Public safety, it seems, is indeed a public concern.

What about Privacy?

The watchful, constant gaze of over 200,000 cameras.

It sounds Orwellian, doesn’t it?

But worry not.

A fortress of data protection stands guard over your privacy.

Secure safeguards and strict controls ensure that the footage from these cameras remains locked up tight.

Your privacy is just as important as your safety.

A greener, safer future.

That’s what’s in store.

But as with all machinery, there might be bumps on the path.

So, what’s your take?

Are you ready for the watchful gaze of 200,000 cameras ensuring your safety?

What do you think?

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