Woman, 50, Arrested Following SBS Bus Dispute over Feet on Pole

Woman, 50, Arrested Following SBS Bus Dispute over Feet on Pole
Images via TikTok (bbshidah)
  1. A woman has been arrested for public nuisance following a dispute with a bus captain on an SBS Transit bus.
  2. The woman had been filmed resting her feet on a pole in a video that went viral on TikTok.
  3. The Singapore Police Force have confirmed that the investigations into the incident are ongoing.

The Straits Times reports that a 50-year-old woman became the subject of a public dispute with a bus captain after placing her feet on a seat, against rules.

She was later arrested for causing a public nuisance on this bus journey that was heading toward Jurong Town Hall Road on route 99.

The incident where she defied transport rules grew into an altercation with the bus captain, and later, her arrest.

Here’s What Happened

She was a passenger on the bus. Thought she’d make herself comfortable.

So she did. Popped her feet up on the bus seat. Even against the pole.

That’s breaker of rules right there. Against signs on the bus.

Feet should stay planted on the floor.

Bus captains aren’t happy with rule-breakers. They deal with them.

Bus captain did his job. Asked her to put her feet down.

Got an earful instead. Continued resting feet against the pole.

Tensions increased. This incident wasn’t staying under the radar.

This incident ended up on TikTok.

Thanks to user bbshidah.

The Viral Video

TikTok can make anything go viral.

This incident wasn’t an exception.

A video popped up. Showed this aunty, being a rebel.

Stirred up a storm. You can view it here:

Aunty, caught creating a ruckus on the bus.

Viewers had their say.

Hands were thrown up in frustration. They wanted her kicked off.

The background music didn’t help. It’s a public nuisance they said.

But every story has two sides.

Some vouched for her. Blaming one nationality didn’t make sense to them.

There was a call for bus captains to have authority.

They should be able to remove disruptive passengers.

Others questioned the anti-social behaviour.

The passenger needed a check-up at IMH they said.

When The Police Stepped In

The spat didn’t end on the bus or TikTok.

Became a matter for the police. They got called in.

As per protocol. The 50-year-old woman got arrested. For public nuisance.

Investigations are ongoing.

It’s a bustle they didn’t need. Yet they have to manage. Makes for a hard day’s work.

Imagine being the bus captain.

Trying to reach the end of the route. On time.

A disruption like this, bad for everyone. Delays the journey.

A Word From SBS Transit

SBS Transit has protocols.

They train their bus captains. To manage such situations.

Passenger refuses to adhere to rules, captain reports.

That’s how they roll.

No room for rudeness on their buses.

They hammer this message in.

Do it through posters. Conduct school talks.

They hope to inspire gracious behaviour.

It’s a team effort.

Public Nuisance in Singapore

Time to talk legality.

What’s public nuisance in Singapore?

Do something that offends public morals and decency.

That’s a public nuisance.

Also, put someone’s health, safety at risk, or disrupt someone’s use of property.

Then you’re causing public nuisance.

Consequences could be penalty. Or even jail time.

Takes into account nature of offence.

Also, whether one is repeat offender.


Disruptions on public transport are a headache.

For the drivers. For the passengers. Everyone.

Good news, these incidents are not common.

Bad news, when they happen, they impact many.

There’s a need to practise good etiquette.

Think about all commuters. Respect the journey.

Next time you are stepping on to a bus or a train, remember this story.

Public transportation works when we all show consideration.

That aunty, she allegedly didn’t. And the outcome?

A discussion about public nuisance. An arrest. A viral video on TikTok.

What’s your take?

Should passengers get ejected for such behaviour or should they be allowed to ride?

What do you think?

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