MOE Tailors Teaching for Israel-Hamas Topic in Singapore Schools

MOE Tailors Teaching for Israel-Hamas Topic in Singapore Schools
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  1. Education Minister Chan Chun Sing addressed the parliament about the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons on the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  2. Teachers receive additional support to help improve the delivery of sensitive topics like the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  3. The goal is to ensure students empathise with others and reflect on maintaining harmony in Singapore’s multicultural society.

Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) has put a spotlight on an important global issue within classrooms, bringing the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict to the forefront of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons.

Character Education in Focus

Recently, key figures in Singapore’s education circles deliberated on one of the most sensitive subjects swirling in our collective conversation: the Israel-Hamas conflict.

During a parliamentary session on March 4, 2024, Mr. Chan Chun Sing, the Education Minister, highlighted the importance of customising CCE lessons for different student age groups.

The aim is straightforward yet profound: to foster understanding, compassion, and societal unity in the face of global strife.

Support for Educators

These lessons are not without their challenges.

As discussions on the Israel-Hamas conflict navigate into the zone of education, some educators recount a sense of trepidation, as reported by Straits Times. Questions arise over teaching material’s sufficiency and the educators’ readiness in handling sensitive topics.

To address this, the MOE is providing extra workshops, encouraging collaboration with seasoned teachers and specialists.

Tailoring Lessons for Young Minds

The MOE believes in nurturing young Singaporeans to become informed, empathetic citizens.

For each student’s stage of development, CCE materials are tailored.

The youngest learners focus on empathy for the innocent, while older students learn to critically evaluate diverse information sources.

Embracing Diversity and Harmony

In a mosaic of cultures that is Singapore, appreciating diversity is not just a lesson, it’s a lifeline.

As Chan Chun Sing outlines, fostering respect and sensitivity amongst differing views has remained a cornerstone of CCE.

Teachers of various backgrounds leading the conversation together exemplify this unifying message to the students.

Reaction from the Community

Yet, not all reception has been without contention.

Concerns sprout over the aptness of such topics for Primary 5 and 6 students, as highlighted in the MOE’s materials.

Some voices even call for a halt to these lessons. Nevertheless, the MOE stands firm on its support for teachers as they navigate these difficult dialogues.

Feedback as a Learning Tool

Feedback, whether challenging or affirmative, breathes life into the refinement of these education programs, as cited by CNA.

They play an integral part in how the curriculum evolves, maintaining relevancy and sensitivity.

As Mr. Chan expressed, “We will certainly continue to reflect the diversity of views from our community within our lesson material.”


Among various world issues, why does the Israel-Hamas conflict warrant a place in MOE’s lessons?

It’s simple. These lessons encapsulate more than the conflict itself; they serve as a microcosm for imparting values of peace and understanding amidst diversity—values integral to Singapore’s very fabric.

Through this lens, students are encouraged to cherish and uphold the delicate harmony that Singapore stands on—recognising that each lesson learned about faraway conflicts strengthens the threads that bind our nation.

Do you think such serious topics should be part of school curriculums for young students? Is it our duty to prepare them for the real world from within the classroom walls?

What do you think?

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