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SIT Alumni Gets Free Postgraduate Courses Every 5 years!

SIT Alumni Gets Free Postgraduate Courses Every 5 years
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  1. SIT launches new initiatives to support lifelong learning for graduates
  2. Alumni can sign up for free training modules every 5 years starting 2024
  3. New Master’s program in Health Sciences collaboration with SingHealth in 2024

The Singapore Institute of Technology is making education a lifetime endeavor for graduates through free postgraduate programs.

This leading university is taking big steps to prepare alumni for the future of work.

Encouraging Lifelong Learning

SIT aims to motivate graduates to keep up with a rapidly changing industry.

Starting April 2024, they can take free continuing education and training modules every 5 years.

These postgrad courses will help alumni stay adaptable in an unpredictable job landscape.

Simpler Postgrad Admission

SIT is also simplifying the postgrad application process so alumni don’t have to resubmit transcripts and certificates.

This streamlining makes it easier for busy professionals to pursue lifelong learning.

New Healthcare Master’s with SingHealth

The university is also launching a Master of Health Sciences with SingHealth in 2024.

Specializations will address Singapore’s aging population needs, like adult and geriatric rehab.

More Research-Focused Postgrad Programs

SIT is expanding research degrees through partnerships with leaders like SMART.

These collaborations can spark deep innovation and give students key insights into iterative innovation.

Celebrating Class of 2023

These new initiatives coincide with SIT’s graduation of over 2,200 pioneering students this year.

Many already contribute to vibrant sectors like digital media and healthcare.

As SIT notes, how can we all enable lifelong learning to ready the workforce for rapid change?

More access to upskilling is key.

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