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Elderly Singaporeans Share Life & Love Advice!

Photo - YouTube/Torres Pit托哥
Photo - YouTube/Torres Pit托哥
  1. Hong Kong influencer Torres Pit interviews elderly in Singapore for life advice.
  2. Seniors give wise tips on marriage, relationships, and health.
  3. They share their experiences and regrets to help younger generations.

Dude, so like, there’s this YouTuber guy Torres Pit, and he went around Singapore Chinatown talking to the old folks, right?

Super random lah. But the stuff they shared, like life advice and whatnot, is quite legit can.

You can catch the video here:

Wah lau eh, they got solid stories, man

So Torres was all like, “What’s up, grandmas and grandpas? Gimme some tips about love, life, and staying healthy lah!”

And these seniors, they got some pretty unbelievable stories hor.

Like Auntie Susan, she didn’t get hitched till she was like 50, man.

And she’s all cool about it, saying to find a good husband, you gotta see if he treats you well and doesn’t gamble.

Loud and clear lah!

Oy, regrets and health issues sia

Torres turned on the emo vibes and asked the elderly about their biggest regrets.

Health came up a lot, bro.

One uncle had cancer, and another auntie had gastric problems.

And then there’s this other uncle who got divorced because of gambling.

But he’s paid off his debts now, so lucky him lor.

Those back-in-the-day stories though

This one uncle started talking about how old school Singapore was, like dirty canals and payphones everywhere.

But now, thanks to the first Prime Minister, bro, Singapore is like a garden.

Beautiful lah! He was chilling and drinking beer, enjoying his retired life. Not bad ah?

Marriage advice: Don’t get married

Torres asked for some relationship advice, especially about finding a Singaporean wife.

It’s all about the status, bro.

Study hard, get ahead in life, and you’ll be set.

Auntie Susan doesn’t believe in love letters, but her husband buys her food.

Say what? Close enough lah!

And the best part?

Torres asked this one auntie, if she had a chance to choose again, what nationality would her husband be.

She cackled and said, “I won’t get married!” followed by the best mic drop in history!

So what’s the takeaway, man?

  • Don’t fall into bad habits like gambling – they can ruin your life.
  • Take care of your health, it’s not something you wanna mess with, fam.
  • When it comes to relationships, status and how you treat your partner matter.

Now, it’s your turn for some introspection.

What life advice would you take from our local seniors, bro?

Better yet, what advice would you give to the future peeps?

Comment kaw kaw below, lah!

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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