Hanis Restaurant Bids Farewell After 18 Years in National Library

Nostalgic Singaporean Eats: Hanis at National Library Shuts Down in June
Nostalgic Singaporean Eats: Hanis at National Library Shuts Down in June - Image via Lianhe Zaobao
  1. Hanis restaurant at National Library closing end of June after 18 years of operations.
  2. Founder Han Choon Fook, 79, has special attachment to the restaurant but closing it is a carefully considered decision.
  3. Revenue and various operating costs factored into the decision to close the restaurant.

Say goodbye to Hanis!

According to Lianhe Zaobao‘s article, Hanis restaurant in National Library is shutting down by the end of June after 18 solid years of operation.

It’s sad, right?

But let’s go down memory lane and see what made this place so special to the founder, Han Choon Fook.

A Childhood Connection

Han Choon Fook opened this restaurant near his grandparents’ place.

So, it’s like going back to his hometown every time he goes to work, very nostalgic, right?

He said, “the area was filled with Hainanese people, so I couldn’t miss the chance to open a restaurant there.”

Winning the Tender, Winning Our Hearts

Did you know Hanis wasn’t the highest bidder when they opened this place?

But still, after considering many factors, National Library gave them the opportunity.

Mr. Han said, “I was really happy and grateful.”

Proud Moment, Opened with Joy

You know Singaporeans love food, right?

So, can you imagine how happy Han Choon Fook felt when he hand wrote the four phrases that went into an advertisement for the opening of Hanis?

He was so excited and joyful, like opening a new page in his life.

Covid-19 Affecting Business

During the pandemic, sales also plunged.

Pre-Covid, they could make 140k a month, but during Covid, only 50k!

Even after Covid, they still never really recovered – $80,000 only, unfortunately!

Costs Going Up, Up, Up!

After the pandemic, all the costs – rental, salaries, utilities – started increasing, and it became too much to handle.

Han Choon Fook thought about it and said, “Closing the restaurant would be the best decision for the company.”

Loyal Customers Saddened

Regular customer Azura Farid said, “We used to visit Hanis after borrowing books, but since we started using e-books, our trips to the library decreased.”

She also thought that Hanis’ food quality and pricing were more affordable compared to other restaurants in the library.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Cherish the good times at Hanis restaurant before closing.
  • Support local businesses during this challenging time.
  • Stay connected with your roots through stories like Mr. Han’s.

So as Hanis’ journey at the National Library comes to an end, we remember and appreciate where they came from.

We will miss the times of breaking bread together and sharing stories, like how Han Choon Fook shared his.

Now, think about the places you’ve visited over the years – which ones mean the most to you and why?

Share your stories!

What do you think?

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