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Medicines Now Just a Vending Machine Away with PharmaSIS!

CGH Pharmacy Team with PharmaSIS (Image: CGH)
CGH Pharmacy Team with PharmaSIS (Image: CGH)
  1. CGH Pharmacy Department develops first smart vending machine (PharmaSIS) in Singapore.
  2. PharmaSIS provides access to Pharmacy Only Medicines with on-site tele-consultations.
  3. CGH looks to deploy PharmaSIS in community centres to help community nurses.

Ahh, so lemme tell you, it’s like a whole new world out there, where even the boring old pharmacies are turning into cool, automated vending machines!

Imagine, ah, grabbing your medicine like it’s a can of soda!

Thanks to those smart people at the Changi General Hospital’s Pharmacy Department, they’ve come up with this crazy thing called Pharmacy Smart Interface System (PharmaSIS).

It’s changing the game of medicine dispensing in Singapore, lah.

What’s in the box, ah?

PharmaSIS ain’t no ordinary vending machine, okay?

It’s got all these cool features like on-site tele-consultations with pharmacists, and it’s stocked with Pharmacy Only Medicines.

This means you don’t need to go through the hassle of visiting a pharmacy or waiting for your turn (bye bye boring waiting time!).

This vending machine is like your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist, ready to help you out anytime.

How it works, can ah?

Now now, don’t get too excited!

The process is simple: you just choose your medicine, input your details, chat with a real-life pharmacist, and pay up (cashless-only, k?).

The pharmacist will then assess your needs and recommend the best medicine for you.

Just like that – easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Support our nurses, okay lah!

But wait, there’s more! CGH plans to bring PharmaSIS to community centres and nursing posts, giving our community nurses the extra boost they need to serve you (and make them super cool too!).

The whole point is to help you live a healthier life, you know?

Nuggets of wisdom, just for you!

  • Use the vending machine to buy medicines in a jiffy (but remember to follow the instructions, ah!).
  • PharmaSIS is more convenient than a traditional pharmacy (fight me if you disagree!).
  • Support our community nurses by embracing innovations like PharmaSIS (let’s be tech-savvy, people!).

Okay, it’s time to wrap this up, and I hope you’re mind-blown by this PharmaSIS invention.

It’s like we live in the future already, can?

So what do you think, are you gonna give PharmaSIS a try?

Or are you too cool to use a vending machine for your medicines?

Share your thoughts below, bro! And remember, stay healthy, stay cool.

What do you think?

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