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Mission Mislead: How An Account Fooled the Public and Zaobao

Wong Li Lin Fake Account via Instagram
Wong Li Lin Fake Account via Instagram (
  1. Impersonation incident involving former artist Wong Li Lin and Cristiano Ronaldo.
  2. Imposter account on Instagram successfully fools people, including Lianhe Zaobao reporters.
  3. Correction and apology issued by Lianhe Zaobao after learning of the impersonation..

People, you wouldn’t believe this story I’m gonna tell you.

Like, srsly, the internet is legit a crazy place, you know?

Check this out, a Zaobao article reported that somebody impersonated Wong Li Lin lah, the lady got embroiled in a saga with Cristiano Ronaldo! Wah lau eh!

Unbelievable Impersonation Incident

So, there was this account on Instagram that managed to act like Wong Li Lin, leh.

Can you imagine? Aiyoh, they even fooled the reporters at Lianhe Zaobao.

Like, my mind is blown lah.

People thought that the accuser was this Wong Li Lin lady hor, but turned out to be an imposter, sia!

The Plot Thickens

And then, people started blaming Wong Li Lin for Ronaldo’s unhappy expression in one video.

I mean, hey, come on, maybe the guy was just having a bad day, lah.

But this imposter account defended her lah, saying that she only guided him through the event, nothing more.

They even had the audacity to say that those haters would’ve done even more if they had the chance to meet Ronaldo, can?

The Big Reveal

When the real Wong Li Lin’s PR peeps finally reached out to Lianhe Zaobao, they realised what had happened and had to issue a correction and an apology, lah!

They were taken in by this imposter account too, so you see the internet can really make us all look dumb sometimes, lor.

A Mysterious Sorcerer

Ah, here’s the thing, bae.

Till now, nobody knows who was actually running that imposter account, leh.

Some people think it might be a fan of One Direction ‘cos the account got a lot of One Direction stuff.

But seriously, who cares, right?

As long there’s a catfish out there, we all just need to be more careful and not believe everything online, labbit-up-a-tree-style!

Learnings from the Impersonation Incident

  • Be ever vigilant of the online world, k?
  • Don’t just believe things you see on the internet, some got spy, some got eye
  • Have a good laugh at this, but also see it as a lesson, lah!

And there you have it, dude, the crazy story of Wong Li Lin’s impersonation shenanigans.

Like I said, the internet is a super tricky place, so always guard up, aight?

Anyway, that’s all I got.

So, have you ever encountered some joker online like that too?

Tell me your story below lah, I want to hear! Keep it real, peeps!

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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